Listen To Your Heart & Pray Yourself Anew

By Brooke Steff

Willow Tree

Meet me under the willow tree
where I’ll talk to you about Love,
and all the ways our world should be
and how kindness should be enough.

Meet me under the willow tree
where everything and all feels true,
between breaths and heartbeats and yearnings unmet
We will pray ourselves anew.

Meet me under the willow tree
where blood and bone collide,
I’ll tell you about your beauty
beside your moon’s high tide.

Meet me under the willow tree
where we will listen to our hearts,
beside the lake we’ll tell our stories
and watch the Swallows dart.

Meet me under the willow tree
where all ephemera falls away,
and sinking our toes into the soil
we can almost hear Her pray.

Meet me under the willow tree
I pray to God you do,
how else will you ever know
that Only Love is true?

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Unlearn, Undo And Unbuild Until There’s Only Love

photo : @delaney_allen

photo : @delaney_allen


Brooke Steff

Brooke Steff could say that she writes about the human condition. She doesn't say that, because she thinks it makes her sound like a wanker. She does however, write as a response to the beauty and wretchedness that our human souls face. She writes strongly about what is sacred, what it really means to be a woman and how having a tender heart is an act of rebellion in a world that tells us that love is never the answer. She yearns for Autumn and Winter always. Books make her feel rich. And guests at her dream dinner party include Joan of Arc, Winston Churchill, Zelda Fitzgerald, William Butler Yeats, Anne Lamott, Carl Barron and a couple of bad-ass nuns. Connect with her by joining the list via her website.

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