By Sara Hocking NEW MAGIC

Align Yourself With The Potency & Ancient Wisdom Of Your Dragon

By Sara Hocking

The books on your nightstand and the dreams you’ve always had give you away. We know dragons are your thing. They always have been and always will be. You’ve never outgrown your fascination and belief that they exist. Because, they do. And, they are making themselves known in a big way…

Dragons exist like many other multi-dimensional beings, outside of our 3D reality and material world (for the most part). But that makes them no less real than your dog or kids. The dragons have stepped in as guardians, as guides and examples to lead humanity. They are assisting in raising consciousness on Earth. As you connect to the dragons, you anchor this energy into reality and create new possibilities for yourself and the rest of the world.

If you’re reading this, they’ve called to you. If you’ve loved them since childhood, you’re supposed to. You know déjà vu? They’re masters of time and are working with you to create more synchronistic events in your life. If you’ve experienced time speeding up, slowing down, or repeating itself, the dragons have been near.

Humanity is evolving, and we aren’t doing it alone. In addition to other sentient beings, who assist us on Earth, dragons are on that list. They have been around since the beginning of time and will be around well after humans cease to exist. Their knowledge and wisdom is ancient, yet timeless.

Dragons are responsible for helping us redefine our “soul parameters.” These are the agreements that we made prior to incarnating in this lifetime. We might experience them as limitations, opportunities for expansion, purpose and basically everything else that affects our lives. While we incarnated with a purpose and a plan, we also have free will. (Kind of like how we have Google maps and get a route to get to our destination, but can change routes to save seven minutes.) Our free will has created drastic change for the planet.

Whether we believe in the dragons, or not, our Earth has changed in energetic ways that we cannot have anticipated prior to incarnation. The dragons are here helping us to realign with new paths and redefine our soul’s “parameters” to help us synchronize with new energy.

We can connect with the dragons on an energetic level while we sleep, meditate or simply by opening our minds. You’re likely to encounter them however your intuition speaks to you. You might see them in dreams, hear them speakor feel their presence when no one else is around. Don’t be surprised if they don’t appear to you in “dragon” form. These beings are dynamic and won’t always present themselves gnashing their teeth, breathing fire on our homesteads or carrying us across Fantasia.

If you see yourself as a light worker, cultivator of change, advocate for humanity or a dragon fanatic, align yourself with this potent energy. In no time, you’ll begin to see the changes you’ve known were possible made manifest.

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  1. Concur with Tanya!!! Love this and thank you for helping “us” understand.

  2. Andrew Nowacki

    Thanks for the post. I never “believed” in such things as dragons or other beings, casting them off as fairy tales, until I went through an illness about 2 years ago which apparently opened up the creative and spiritual side of me that had been lying dormant.

    Then I began seeing things such as gnomes, dwarves, and have seen one dragon. I see them in my mind’s eye – typically in the early hours of the morning. Sometimes there is a communication involved (for instance, the dragon communicated its name) but usually I am seeing the beings from a bit of a distance, apparently unnoticed by them. When there is a communication, it’s telepathically done – not oral as we know it here in waking life.

    Of course I don’t talk about this sort of thing with “the masses” because most people aren’t attuned to it – just like I used to not be attuned to it.

    But I can say, despite my rational mind’s resistance to it, that creatures such as dragons do apparently exist, outside of the “3D” material world I find myself in at this moment.

    Thanks for the great article.


    • Hey Andrew–I love that you’ve had contact with all these beings. It sounds like your illness had a silver lining! All the best! Sara

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