By Maria Morais MIND RISE

When Moving On Means I’m Allowed To Dream Again & Do Everything Better

By Maria Morais

Memories. We are defined by our memories.

Our friends, family, acquaintances, plants, animals, our objects of desire, the objects that we collect and don’t know why, music, flavours, smells, textures, and colours. Our enemies, the moments in our life where we were left behind, the moments in our life when we had the courage and sometimes the regret to leave someone behind.

Sometimes we have realised how much pain we have inflicted on someone, sometimes we were just too occupied thinking of something else and didn’t pay attention. Sometimes people made us go through excruciating heartbreaks, sorrow, grief, sadness, and tribulations, sometimes it was only our turn to be wrong.

Memories change with time, ours and others because in one way or another we have learned to forget what once may have caused us discomfort, pain and tears. That is our way to start again.

When we need to move on, we instinctively know that the place we are in today may not be enough for us tomorrow and for the day after and still, it is so difficult for us to forget certain memories, although we know that when we forget them we are allowed to dream again and even have the chance to do everything better next time.

As time passes by, our capacity to renew, forget, move on and create new memories becomes more and more difficult, more and more slow. We start thinking it’s too late for us to forget, it’s too late for us to start again, and then one day we are eventually right. But, does everything end in the end? Are we designed to lose everything? Memories, body, experiences, knowledge, energy, soul? Do we forget that we have a chance to do everything better next time? Could we learn to do it better next time even with our memories from the past?

When and where is the point that divides our past from our beginning to design a better future? It’s the conscience that the only thing that is real is the present moment, here and now. Everything else can be forgotten, everything that could be is not important at all. Living the present moment gives us the opportunity to awaken and act on our lives, take command, follow our heart, design our story, chase our free will and detach from everything that is blocking us outside and inside.

For a brief moment, allow yourself to live in the present moment and be amazed by the potential within yourself. You will then attract good things for you and be able to change your future, reconnect with your true essence and forget, forgive yourself and others, and move on.

Once or twice in a lifetime, there are events that will change the way you think about everything. Sometimes we don’t have the courage to act on that, and so we keep ourselves as slaves of our past and cowards of our future. There are infinite possibilities for our future, and our past may not be exactly how we remember it. Although, the present is here and now, and we can do something about it.

Once you find the present moment, you can start exploring beyond time and space. Beyond them, there are portals that can take you to different worlds, and upgrade your mind. If you chose to evolve from a simple existence of survival to an existence of controlled knowledge, most of your problems will disappear. You will be living in a more advanced frequency of your energy and therefore you will be able to do things you otherwise would consider impossible.

There is magic in our world, and it is within each one of us, beyond pain and limits, in our words, in our thoughts, in what we do and in what we don’t do. Our love for others is used sometimes as an excuse to live our lives attached to the past and worried about the future. Love is here and now and true love is unconditional, it simply exists. To feel love for others you need to love yourself first and how can you do that when you are worried with the money you don’t have, with the friends you can’t stand anymore, with the partner you don’t wish to sleep with anymore, with the job that makes you feel tedious, empty and incomplete?

Take a moment to think about you. This is a journey for yourself and sometimes with the help of others, but remember in the end it is just you. We are individuals, walking our own individual path. Love can take us much further, higher, and deeper but we are not someone else’s life. We are our life, here and now, alone with ourselves, exploring and learning until the day we finally decide to forget and move on, leaving our body behind, and all the others we met in our path. Yes, we will forget everything eventually, and they will also forget about us. That doesn’t mean though that our story ends here, it may, in fact, start from this point again and go round and round in circles.

To remember something we have long forgotten may be the exact guide we need at some point in time. However, if we had that memory all along we wouldn’t probably be in the situation where we had to remember and so the positive effect of recovering a memory would be lost. The incompleteness of our existence is the fuel that keeps us going on, searching for more and better. It is good to remember what we have forgotten when what we have forgotten is exactly what we need to remember, so we can live a better life here and now. The information comes to us when it’s needed if we are living in the right frequency.

Not all portals are the same. They will appear depending on the level of conscience we reach at a certain point in time. To open a portal there must exist a way in from somewhere that leads to a way out somewhere else. Portals are usually one direction only, this means that once you go in, you may not be able to come back through the same portal to the point you were before.

So, be careful and brave when opening a portal. There are many of them, explore as many as you can, as long as they are within your inner truth and your heart tells you that it’s the right thing to do. In case of doubt find the silence within you and place yourself here and now. The decision will be the correct one no matter which one you take in the end.

In the end, there is no end after all.

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Maria Morais

Maria Morais founded MBY London, an experiential community project for the study and development of feminine archetypes. Maria is a Reiki Master, Insightful Oracle reader and intuitive writer. When she was a young girl she wanted to be a scientist of the stars so she started to write about civilizations from all sorts of imaginary places. Her strong belief is that if she is able to describe in words all she imagines then there is a chance that it may become real. Connect with her on Instagram and Facebook.

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