By Michele Mekel WAKING WILD

Claim Your True Nature: Drink In The Luminosity Of Both Sun And Moon

By Michele Mekel

Glorious Rising Shakti Energies,

As the wheel turns once more, the wild heart ignites in you and in each of us, giving rise to the fertile fires of Beltane. Our abundant goddess nature can no longer be hidden – from ourselves, from the world, from all that is sacred. And as we lay claim to our unique purpose, we come to understand that the universe needs our brokenness and our healing, our vulnerability and our strength, our little deaths and our radiant rebirths.

With body and spirit united, we drink in the luminosity of both sun and moon. We absorb the power of gentle rains and blustery winds. We recognize our own reflection in each nascent shoot and every brilliant bloom and we navigate the cycles of light, of seasons, and of life with an awakened connection that pulses through our entire beingness with the cadence of poetry.

Nocturnal Orchestrations

Twilight gathers,
as the wind whispers through the standing talls,
their rustling leaves sharing secrets of nightfall.

Caressed by the evening breeze,
Shekinah’s waters lap softly against her banks,
murmuring gentle melodies.

A chorus of frogs calls and responds,
exchanging raspy harmonies,
until dawn breaches the eastern horizon.

And midnight’s sentinels, enrobed in fur and feathers,
cry appeals to Grandmother Moon,
punctuating the never-silent night.
In Divine Rapture,

Your Manifest Embodiment

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  1. Indeed, “. . . our little deaths and our radiant rebirths.” How many of these have each gone through? Trials, errors, advancement, retreats. Great poetry on the “never silent night”! A time when most sleep, except those adept at dreaming 🙂

    • My friend, thank you, and you are so right on the dreaming. May we each walk the astral plane and find our North Star–the one that shines only for us.

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