Ever Felt Hostage In People’s Projections Of You?

By Uma Inder

Ever been pushed until you shed tears
Just so the bully gets to call you cry-baby?

Ever been shamed for an ego too big
Just so you can be discounted?

Ever been accused of having a giant personality
Just so you can be cut down for it?

Ever been attacked for being a martyr
Just so that you are made to suffer harder for it?

Ever been declared mentally sick
Just so that you have to pay and pay for it?

Ever been accused of enjoying yourself too much
Just so that others dislike you for it?

Ever been accused of thinking you are their God
Just so you can be persecuted as a heretic?

Ever been raised up as someone’s savior too high
Just so you take the fall for it?

Ever been incriminated without trial
Just as a set-up for unwitting mob justice?

Ever felt like you are held hostage in people’s projections of you…

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Uma Inder


This 'biography' devours its own tail, the second it hungers for a definitive definition of Uma Inder. Such a being, who is being pulverised and reconstituted, will forever elude narrow definition, a final element of wilderness which can never be long-bounded by the constraints of the purely 'rational.' And yet, such a mirror, irrational though it may seem to the conditioned mind, is as open a window into pure being as it is to the ancient traditions which forged this Work. Uma, African-born, of Indian descent, was initiated by a renegade tantric master with whom she lived for a period of seven years in the Balinese jungle and seven more in the world at large in conditions and states which transcended the bonds of consensus reality. Uma is often initially unpalatable to the Western practitioner accustomed to spiritual padding. Time around Uma tends to upset, destabilise, and otherwise rearrange one's manufactured order.

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