By Maria Morais HOLY FIRE

She’s Calling Back Her Fearless And Multidimensional Self


Not quite mature at the time I met her but so much potential in her blood. This girl could travel with dragons and open portals to the new world, the new matrix, the new dimension.

She was a pleasant person to be with, but she had this entertaining bad habit of walking fast whilst strongly waving her arms up and down, leaving everyone else around her with the impression that something important was not being taken care of and that she was the one going to save humanity of something. People could roll their eyes about it, but deep inside they admired her attitude. Yes, she could give that impression just by the way she was walking and looking straight ahead of her. She always looked like she knew exactly what she had to do, by when and to whom with what and why.

My dear, what happened to you? Have you forgotten about all this? You used to be so passionate about life. Where is all that fire now?

Have you forgotten about the time when we were kids and everyone was deeply impressed about our storytelling abilities? Of course, you were the one shining all the time, I was just there to guarantee that you had a secondary character supporting you.

The main stage was completely yours.

What happened to the girl that was waking up in the middle of the night to write plans and adventures in her journal? I don’t know you anymore.

It started with the sudden disappearance of hope. You changed your habits and yes perhaps I changed mine as well. Perhaps I should have been more present for you.

But hey, you need to escape your own mental trap!

Imagine a blindfold covering your eyes and a pair of silver swords by your side. One is on the left side and the other one on your right side.

Now, despite the fact that you can’t see anything, you sense something coming towards you and because you are blindfolded you get confused and perhaps even afraid.

You know you have two silver swords by your side but you have no idea of what is coming towards you. What if it’s something nice? What if it is not? You have no idea, you don’t know, so most likely your instinct will tell you that you need to defend yourself. You were attacked so many times that now you can only think of attacking back in order to defend yourself. That instinct of yours is not your inner guidance, I am your inner guidance.

See, and this is where I get really confused. If your hands are free to pick up one of the swords why not just use your hands to take off the blindfold then?

How many times have we chosen to attack instead of trying to understand what was coming towards us? We prefer to excuse ourselves, and our attacking behaviour, because we didn’t know better at the time. Because based on previous experience this is all we could do…

We were defending our space, and now that we have defended ourselves so well there is nothing else coming towards us because we made everything and everyone aware that coming close means a cut of a sword.

So are you still feeling alone, despite all the people around you? I wonder why!

Dear child, remove your blindfold and open your eyes, it’s going to be all alright. You just need to trust and define your own framework. Don’t wait too long to make the obvious choice, and the obvious choice is you.

For more self-study, The Urban Howl recommends The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith.

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Maria Morais

Maria Morais founded MBY London, an experiential community project for the study and development of feminine archetypes. Maria is a Reiki Master, Insightful Oracle reader and intuitive writer. When she was a young girl she wanted to be a scientist of the stars so she started to write about civilizations from all sorts of imaginary places. Her strong belief is that if she is able to describe in words all she imagines then there is a chance that it may become real. Connect with her on Instagram and Facebook.

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