No More Worries About Money Or Becoming Something You’re Not!


When You’re Lost In The Hills

When you’re lost in the hills
and no one knows the way home, you come down
to the ground and get bound to the hearts of each other.

You fold yourself into the soft tissue
and let go of any issue you have about what you think
you know or don’t know.

You see, it is only in the tender
flesh of each other that you can hear the Earth speak.
Her voice—the Earth’s sound—
can only travel the ground of limbs intertwined
It’s the only way She works.

You see, the only reason you are lost
is because you have forgotten the cost
of separation.

You’ve come to believe it in your body.

Lost is a miraculous moment
that offers itself up to you when you’ve landed
in a solid place of thinking you know
and you’ve gone and sewn
yourself into some kind of special individual
and suppressed the residual
remains of the beating heart inside
the person next to you
or the tree, the bee, the hummingbird, or
the churning sea.

When you’re lost in the hills
and no one knows the way home, you are being
asked to remember that there is nowhere to go.

The brain fog that has made its way into your life
and causes you strife
is simply the divine saying, “Enough!”

“Enough, my honey!
No more worry
about money or becoming something
you are not.”

Lost is the divine mind saying, “Leave time
and come back down into your body.”

Your body knows the way home.

Your body IS home.

At least for now, Brown Cow, Mother Tao,
your body is your Sweet Know-How
that will someday decay
but only after it has relayed
the miracle of you.

So stay lost.
Stay on the hill.
Let lost be your chill pill.

Spread out on a dirt mound couch
and let the wind vouch
for your tender-hearted Soul.

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