Awaken, Woman & Set Your Wild Warrior Free!

By Ivy Laine

For too long, the voice inside of every woman has been silenced. For too long we have allowed the patriarchy to keep us meek. The time to awaken is now.

Within each of us is crimson fire and pure fury. We are hellfire and brimstone. It simmers, it churns, it bubbles and then we push it away. Why, sisters, do we do that? So we appear ladylike, demure, weak? So that we can find a knight in shining armor? You are a warrior. You need no knight to save you. You posses the heart of a dragon and the wisdom of the crone. You are wild, unbridled passion. You have your own wants and desires. And they matter, more than you know.

No longer must we alter ourselves. No longer should we agree to be tamed. You are the wild woman. You are chaos personified.

You owe yourself the ability to speak your wants and desires. Stamp out the fear, for it has caged you too long. Those who love and adore you, do so without reservation.

Do not listen when they tell you to slay the dragon. You ARE the dragon. If they insist, let the wild woman eat them whole. You have power you can not even fathom.

Let the warrior woman free. She will teach you to fly and you will realize you’ve never truly allowed yourself to run. She will teach you how to do things you never dreamed possible. To bring into being all that you desire. She is your childhood hopes. She will teach you that those hopes and dreams are possible, in so many ways. Remember those dreams? From before you convinced yourself they were impossible? It is possible. All of it.

You need not seek acceptance, dear sister. You only need to be your true, authentic self, nothing more, nothing less.

The world not only needs you to be your authentic self, that is what it deserves. Not a watered down version of what you could become.

Stand up beside your sisters. Stand up for your right to be true and wild, beautiful and chaotic. Speak your truths into the universe. Be the woman you were always meant to be. Live and love as hard or as soft as you wish to, in this moment. You are the dragon and no one can cage you.

Listen when that inner voice speaks to you. She is your intuition and she’s calling upon you to awaken, to rise up and take your rightful place in the world.

Recommended reading: Soulcraft by Bill Plotkin.

"Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dream." — Paulo Coelho . . . photo : @claireonline . . . #PauloCoelho #DreamYourLifeAwake #WildHorses #DreamersOfInstagram

photo : @claireonline {Instagram}



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