By Emily Dryzga WAKING WILD

Equal Parts Creatrix, Sass & Blow It The F*ck Up As Necessary


Kali Ma.

Wild women.
We create.
We destroy.

Equal parts sugar, sass and blow it the fuck up as necessary. Shadow side. Dark side. Let her wield for good, evil or pureness of BEing.

We’re here to learn. To love. To explore and adventure. And sometimes things burn in our wake. My sweet friend, I hear her words now  —  be careful of your wake. Yes, love, and sometimes the wake of a wild woman rising knows no boundaries and must simply create explode expand and burn it all to the ground.


And again.

. . .

Coming back from Burning Man 2017, stepping into Sweat-Prayer Lodge with my teacher, he tried to look into my heart to see what was happening. Door slam. Fire. Dancing. That is all he would see. And, that’s what he spoke to.

She threw up the wall. She protected me. I was claimed. Hers. We were dancing in this process together. She protected me during the journey. Her and I. Wild goddess rising.

Blowing up my life. Again. And. Again. Ex-fiance. Ex-husband. Ex-partner. Cities. Jobs. Shift. Shift. Shift. Spin. Spin. Spin.

There is a fire and a momentum deep inside of my being that propels me forward. That knows when something is off. That feels when it’s time to go long before I’m ready to go.

Are you listening? Can you hear the bells on her ankles? Can you see her all charming? Can you see her sharp smile? She is the creatrix and the destroyer, and she burns down everything in her way.

I feel guilt. I feel frustration. I feel freedom. Wild, expansive freedom. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Like a wolf running across the open forest floor. Like a red tailed hawk soaring above the field in search of her prey. Open. Receive. Relax.

I have re-written my life again and again in small ways and in monumental ways. So it goes. So we are. So we become. Through trial and fire. Through goddesses commanding our spirits to rise. Rise sweet sister though you know not why you are called  —  you are called. Step into your power and into your full expression of being. You are never too much. You are always expanding, breathing, exploding into you. Allow the fire to breathe and consume what it needs to grow.

Wildfire. Kali Ma. Great Kali. Equal parts creator and destroyer. Artemis. Goddess of the hunt and wisdom. Protect me and guide my arrow. Give me clear vision and sight of the hawk. Create the pile of tinder. Strike the flint. Light afire. Let it burn.

For more self-study, The Urban Howl recommends The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith.

Sip a little more:

Power Is Saying: I Do Not Seek Your Blessing And I Don’t Need Your Permission

"Every animal has his or her story, his or her thoughts, daydreams, and interests. All feel joy and love, pain and fear, as we now know beyond any shadow of a doubt. All deserve that the human animal afford them the respect of being cared for with great consideration for those interests or left in peace." ~Ingrid Newkirk . . . Photo : @jessfindlay . . . #greyowls

Photo : @jessfindlay {Instagram}


  1. Stephanie McCann

    I’m reading this as I return home from attending Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass weekend in NYC. In “The Universe Has Your Back” she tells the story of buying her first house, the mountain house, and looking for the exact sign she needed from the Universe to affirm the purchase of the house. She was looking for an owl for affirmation that the house was right, and that she was on her right path. Thank you for revealing my owl to me just now on your page. When the student is ready the teacher will appear and the Universe responds with beautiful light and a hell yeah. I just received my hell yeah from you. With all my gratitude and good vibes for you and your healing work.

    • Oh sweet sister, I’m drawn to tears reading your words, thank you thank you thank you, I love you I love you I love you. You’ve so got this. Hell yes and gratitude to YOU <3

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