What If Two Polarities Could Be Harnessed Together?


War and Peaces Tech?

If war and p tech could be up loaded?
The cycle broke, the circle woke!
The sacrificed Dead, mountainous caverns of pitiful corpses…
Punctuated with aromatic debris, Void base camps strewn with Truth!
Metaphysical carrion circling overhead.
What if? What if That was captured! ?

A millennia of dead upon dead upon the dead.
Victor and conquest peaced together: John Boys through out time spent for nothing.

If the two polarities could be harnessed together…
A knife fight with the two…
An endless battle reborn infinitely.
The lies, ignorance of both cut out.
Slashed constructs sacrificed…

Wars Suicide fact sheets obliterated.
The two seduced, blurred boundaries Un-messed!
Re-born frequencies unleashed, unsheathed naturally.

Elitism eradicated at each rebirthed reentry..
Manlinesses beast fed on itself..
Unbeknownst to IT…
The inevitable death of ego hidden..
Scientifically camouflaged self flagellants..

Peaces corrupt potential spoiled.
Peaces potential first world issues corruptibility foretold prophecies stalled.
What if?
What if The Infinite Battle ground was preempted…groomed enticingly..subjugated, fertilised to its full potential..
An army of prefabricated watchdogs, dimensionally travelled time keepers, individually handing out reach arounds, denying Elitists re-gripping.
What if, a new place that celebrated the polarities…
Peaces non peace innocence upheld warrior by warrior..
Self regulated by natural persons…

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