A Fierce Letter To All Women: I Will Rage Beside You Sister


“Why are you a Witch?” I am often asked this question and am always perplexed! For this is the equivalent of asking, “Why am I a woman?” There is no why, you just are.

A Witch is born from a bloodline of the very first Wild Witch, Mother-Goddess, Lilith of Eden. The original Warrior who refused to be caged, refused to be less than man, refused to believe her sacred blood to be anything less than Holy.

The daughters of Lilith are rising. They feel their Mother call to them every time their bare feet hit the cold mud beneath them. We hear her cries as the skies burst with thunder and her tears pour down to try to wash away the poison Man has put into her veins, her body and skin! But her bones! Her bones cannot be touched by Man no matter how deep they dig!

Her bones remain original, authentic, and carry the truths that Man has tried to cover up since the beginning. And now, her bones are re-incarnated into every Witch Daughter She created, and we are rising!

Our bones rattle and shake so loudly to get the truth out and we will not and cannot be silenced!

While I practice my Craft, “with harm to none”, I also practice with the law of Karma. I may not intentionally attack, but I most definitely will defend! With all my Power, and that Power is magnificent, I will protect the truths of the Wild Woman, and I will protect all that I love!

Be afraid the hypocrite who praises to a god, while hiding their true thoughts and actions of deceit, murder, rape, and greed… all in the hopes of quieting the Wild Woman truths in the name of their god.

Be afraid the Woman who shames another Woman because she does not look, act, or think how you do! You Woman, should be the most afraid. You may not be a Witch-Daughter of the original Mother, but you are still a Woman!

You carry in your bones the wounds of all women, so to not embrace your Sister’s, is a true sin.

To the Woman who truly doesn’t know the truth, I welcome you because you have not been blessed to learn of the Divine Goddess you truly are. I set a place for you by my fire to tell you the secrets and truth of who you really are. I will cry with you as you weep in my arms as you feel not only your own pain of injustice, but the pain of all the Women before, and after you.

When you feel the deep-bone-rooted wounds of the Collective Woman, it is the most gut and soul wrenching pain! But, after the pain my Sister, I promise, I will be with you as your eyes turn from tear-filled hollows of pain, to wide-eyed-Wild-Woman-Wisdom!

I will be with you in your moment of Truth Knowing. When your body is filled with the Soul energy of the Divine Feminine, I will be with you. When you move from the shadows and step into the diamond bright, Divine light of your own being, I will be there. When your mind moves from earthly matters, to the higher intuition of the ethereal realm, I will be with you.

And, when you are ready to rage against the lies and injustices like the Warrior-Goddess you are, I will rage beside you Sister and together, our magick can move mountains!

To the Woman who is not ignorant to the truths, but chooses to accept the lies, please let me be blunt, what the fuck are you doing?!

How can you live every day, knowing in your heart and soul that it’s all a lie? How can you put the wants of Man, before the needs of your Wild Self? How can you be so weak as to turn away from your Soul’s call, and live a lie, in order for you not to have to face your own truth?

You want to be “taken care of” so that you wont have to fight and struggle. You play “dumb” so that other’s will do the work for you because Goddess forbid, you actually get your hands dirty! You would rather live a life full of lies and be looked down upon, a life of misery to your Soul, so that you don’t ever have to face your own truths, work through your own darkness, and learn the lessons your Soul was meant to learn!

My soul feels sorrow for you, but my Ego mind is disgusted and pissed at the acceptance of being “less than”!

Your decision to live in fear and lies, effects all Women! And because of this, I have every right to say, that this is bullshit and I have had enough! You are the Women keeping the Divine Feminine from fully rising as she is meant to! For how can any Man ever believe or accept these truths, if Women are too afraid to accept them themselves?

Women are the Teachers, Healers, and Life-Givers of the Universe! If you don’t let die the false truths, and birth yourself in the Divine Light, I fear we will never rise to the level we were created to reach.

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Dezaray Blankenship

Dezaray Blankenship, is a Wild Woman Warrior Witch, who has been enlightening other women for the past 10 years. She is a fierce activist for the Divine Feminine, and offers Soul-Healing and Shadow-Work through classes and one-on-one self discovery missions. Her goal is to help women heal their wounds to make great change and growth, through the great pain and heartache. You can follow her on Facebook and on Instagram. You can email her for a free personal consultation at

  1. Dawn Fleming

    Great job Dez!! Proud to have watched you grow. All my love- Dawn

  2. Absolutely fierce and beautiful and full of truth. Love it! ❤️🔥❤️

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