Full Moon Magic — You Must Be Willing To Be Changed


Full Moon : Saturday, July 8th : 9:08p

I am broken open by the fragility and the creativity of the human journey towards wholeness, deep purpose and fulfilment. We all long to live full lives of meaning, and our global climate, the legacy and health of our respective cultures, and the future ones yet to come are depending on it. These are urgent times.

This full moon in Capricorn is closely conjunct Pluto – the planet of transpersonal will, of chthonic depth, and transformation. Pluto in Capricorn is a placement that challenges and disturbs unethical and outdated paradigms of authority, inspiring each one of us to take personal responsibility to question and challenge what we assume is business-as-usual in service of a more life-enhancing world.

But to challenge or change any system we must be willing to change ourselves – to expose and bring to light our own assumptions, habitual patterns, and unconscious drives that keep us safe and may, in fact, reinforce the very system we are wanting to change.

The full moon in Capricorn is a call to review our own relationship to authority and control, shifting our perspective from external dependencies to personal responsibility. It’s a perfect time to set yourself up with concrete daily structures that help you stand in your wholeness – especially because true change is often hard or painful – and it is almost always humbling for the ego.

For some of us this is a daily reflective practice of some sort – like meditation or yoga; for others it might be spending more time in nature, or going to bed earlier, or choosing to do a little less in order to pursue life’s intrinsic pleasures.

Pluto conjunct the full moon will help you by creatively disturbing your unconscious habits and entrenched emotional strategies.

Opposite the Sun and Mars in Cancer, Pluto’s healthy regeneration shows us that personal will (Mars) will only get us so far. We do the deep inner work so we can be more available and open to healthy relationships of reciprocity – where we are able to meet each other, with our diverse needs, gifts, backgrounds, and desires, from our wholeness. Only then can our personal will meet the will of others in mutually enhancing, collaborative and awake ways.

Only then will we be truly able to green the wasteland.

The Moon/Pluto in Capricorn opposite the Sun/Mars in Cancer remind us that we are not solo agents with a personal mission. We are relational beings in an interconnected world and live beautiful lives we must realise that mature relationships do not depend on manipulative emotional strategies to get our needs met.

Pluto is in the business of true empowerment. If you want to change a relationship, a way of being in the world, a life, or a system, you must go down and in to the source of your longing. You must be willing to be changed.

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Wild words from wild woman, Laura Larriva of @therhythmway . . . #therhythmway #wakeupanddream #theurbanhowl #writersoftheurbanhowl


Laura Larriva

Laura Larriva is an internationally recognized movement guide and an advocate of the Earth, Laura blends her deep love of conscious dance, mythology, ecology, and the study of many nature-based traditions into powerful, embodied explorations of Soul; all designed to coax the whole human experience back from cultural exile, and to catalyze deep, systemic shift in the lives of all who dare dream of flowering. Founder and creator of The Rhythm Way and the ongoing sisterhood circle, The Red Thread, Laura invites you to join her in stirring up the right kind of trouble for ourselves and for our world in the spirit of cultural artistry. Follow Laura on Instagram.

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