By Michele Mekel WAKING WILD

An Invitation To Witches And Wolf Women


Dear Wizened Witches and Wild Wolf Women,

The world is waiting for you.

Yes, you with the silty feet and the tempest-tangled ringlets. Absolutely, you with the tattooed-on medicine and the crooked crystal crown. Certainly, you with the paint-stained fingers and the wide-open heart.

The planet needs your fierce nature and your gentle nurturing. Your sisters and brothers require your fiery language, your watery dreams, your airy ideologies, and your earthy creations. The stars and the moon crave your darkest shadows alongside your most radiant light.

Lest you forget, the Grandmother Goddesses beseech you to know your unparalleled value, to step into your innate sovereignty, to own your authentic gifts. The simple fact is: The very fabric of the cosmos depends on you to raise your voice and to share your truths and your tales — winding them, thread by thread, into the sacred strands that form our shared consciousness.

We, the Weavers

Tight-rope walking through consensual reality,
we forget our soul charge —
weaving together the ethereal filaments of all realms.

Ignoring the bequest of our wise-woman lineage,
we play small —
choosing instead to stitch together Earth-plane minutia.

Mourning our shortsightedness,
Grandmother Spider, The Moirai, and Nit beat their breasts in unison —
bearing witness as we squander our true power.

Crying into the wind whispers that we must strain to hear,
they urge us back to our looms and our legacy —
spinning the stories of the multiverse, our very birthright.

Your Spindle-bearing Sister.

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