Being On Facebook In Ways That Are Not Against Nature


The Internet Ss Driving You Crazy! That was the title of an article my teacher Uma sent me a few years back with the latest research on online addictions and how social media is affecting our brains. She could see how being online did no good for my ability to focus and paying attention. I started experimenting with digital detoxing. After a long break from Facebook, I recently came back and found Uma there. At first I was a bit disappointed, like – oh she was so strong and now she has given in just like the rest of us little digital addicts…

So, of course, I had to ask her about this:

When I first met you, I remember you advised me to get off social media so as to not scatter my brain. Therefore I’m surprised to find you on Facebook now. What are you reflections on this?

I know what it is to live off the grid for long enough to deprogram my sense organs and mind. I have recommended to others of the necessity to go to nature, to go with nature and not against nature.

Going to nature meant for me to be immersed into and saturated by the sensate world of organic nurturance. Going to nature meant unplugging and dropping back into the terrestrial womb of innately conscious cosmic perfection. An existential perfection that can only be described as breathtaking, living love. Love as nectarous substance that has been found to fill one up from the inside. A love that inspires “magnificent breath”.

Conversely, it is the mechanized, digitized, electro-magnetized cross currents of our superfluous, hybrid appliances that heat, frazzle, fry, strain, drain and vitiate the nervous system, deranging the subtle functions of the pineal gland, our internal holy grail, and sending neurological activities into overdrive.

The documented fruit of our simple drug or substance-free practice was the awakening of the pineal gland, the heightening of sense perception and the purification and sensitization of sense organs of action. Consequently the alignment of thoughts, word and deeds were to be aligned and attuned to our own unique nature and purpose of being.

What this enables is super-sensory responsibilities to interact with nature in multidimensionally generative ways.The bombardment of these specialized instrumentations with the excessive infiltration of compartmentalized and manipulated information is harmful. So I recommended a cleanse, a purge or fast if you will and more time in wilderness or untamed nature to rejuvenate the whole system.

Now I am on Social Media. I feel that I have been driven to the last frontier of social engagement for me which is Facebook and blog landscapes. And that this last frontier is the next level to speak the whole truth about my own experiences before history is rewritten under people’s noses as if the acknowledgment of “alternative facts” is excuse enough to usher in alternative reality.

Still, we can be on Facebook in ways that are not habitually going against nature. It’s possible to go with nature by understanding which times of the day we are in work mode, creation mode, resting mode. And at what time of the day do we shut it all down, to protect our sense organs and mind, and to preserve our energy resources, ensure deep sleep and to prevent stress.

Ayurveda provides context and tools for realizing balance in a day to day way of living awake to what matters in our world. We can have it all.

For more self-study, The Urban Howl recommends The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith.

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We he{art} R.M. Drake @rmdrk . . . #wakeupanddream #theurbanhowl #youarethemagic

We he{art} R.M. Drake @rmdrk . . . #wakeupanddream #theurbanhowl #youarethemagic


Karen Pallisgaard

Karen Pallisgaard is a Danish bestselling author, speaker, seeker, yoga teacher and journalist covering mind, body and spirit. Moreover ambassador for Plan International Denmark - one of the oldest and largest children's development organisations in the world. Uma Inder is Karen's teacher: African-born, of Indian descent, was initiated by a renegade tantric master with whom she lived for a period of seven years in the Balinese jungle and seven more in the world at large in conditions and states which transcended the bonds of consensus reality. Uma is often initially unpalatable to the Western practitioner accustomed to spiritual padding. Time around Uma tends to upset, destabilize, and otherwise rearrange one’s manufactured order. Connect with Karen on Instagram.

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