Woman Rising To Lead With Her Heart


Born golden and full of light
Tender and gentle yet so pure
Soul come to love and to feel
Eager for the belonging that must be here

Yet not too long, she feels an emptiness
Where is the love that’s been promised so
Maybe its coming, she thinks she’s yet to grow
Until that one moment that changed it all

That day her heart started to take a beating
Punched one time, kicked the next
Unknowingly how or why
When all she ever did was breathe and smile

Those years she realised
How strong her heart really is
For She held her
When no one ever did

With newfound courage, she told herself
She will find the way on her own
For she knows there must be a love like no other
The one that rests deep between her breasts

Hot summers and bad typhoons passed
She walked the earth with head held high
Hiding the bruised heart inside her chest
No one shall come asunder or near

Until an illusion came by
For what she thought was the Love she’d hoped
Blinded and intoxicated
Like she’d never been loved before

More than a decade passed
An emptiness still resides
For her heart still closed
Even if it looks otherwise

She never really became herself
Or truly loved another soul
How could she
When its always been closed

Thus started the journey
Of the path back to her heart
Destined to pick up the pieces
And find her true self once more

It became a trying time pushing her edge
Breaking down the walls
Sawing the hooks
Licking the wounds

Continuously threading the path
Burning her past
Rising up
Feeling once again

Mask after mask she’s had to remove
To reveal the truth of the woman within
Forgiveness becomes her best friend
Compassion her source of hope

She makes two steps forward
She’s pulled one step back
She stumbles, she falls
She gives herself a helping hand

Old friends have dropped
New friends have come
Her lovers mirroring her unending wish
While she continues on to be

The love she seeks she feels within
The love she craves she gives back to herself
The touch she longs she brushes her skin
The words she hopes she sings a hymn

Sadness, anger, grief will come and go
So too will happiness, ecstasy, and belonging
Now she knows to thank every minute
To continue to discover what lies underneath

For within her heart always has been
The purest source of love there is
Within this truth shall she walk the light
Ever more the woman who leads with her heart

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Abigail Tamsi

Abigail has a passion for self-discovery, inner transformation and guiding women to bring forth their own courage to live a self-honouring life. Despite being a single mum and a full-time corporate professional, she is proud to be a Reiki Master Teacher, an Embodied Inner Alchemy™ Women’s Facilitator and holds a training certificate from Christine Arylo’s Path of Self Love School Module Transforming Self-Bullying + Self-Sabotage into Self-Loving Actions. Abigail's unique gifts include being able to hold a safe, deep and nurturing space, and being able to support women in a very intuitive way, either through an energy-healing session or through women’s circles.

  1. Cora Badilla

    Touched ! Enlightening…God bless you more !!

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