By Maria Morais MIND RISE

What Will You Do Now That You’ve Embraced Your Shadow?


(Awakening After Embracing Your Shadow: A Seagull’s Perspective On Becoming Complete)

It was a cold crisp weather before the daybreak, but now a pleasant breeze runs by the seashore and all of us look at the waves as if we have lost something that only the sea could return.

And yes, waves are slowly crumbling in the sand, bringing with them long lost memories. But suddenly I feel something breaking the rhythm. It’s a woman walking all alone on the beach.

It’s a fairly good distance between us, but I can sense her steps. She is walking alongside her shadow, and both of them, her and the shadow, know that space and time interchanges continuously between them. Step by step she is getting closer but I take the decision of not moving any of my feathers out of the way. Whilst briefly closing my eyes, I patiently wait for her to get closer.

Interesting! Either she is deciding where to go, or the shadow sometimes takes the lead.

One is not walking without the other as both of them know that a divorce with your own self is not possible.

Based on my various observations of human behaviour, I have concluded that it is unusual for them to realise that they have shadows and that others have their own shadows as well. Perhaps because they are used to walking with their shadows, they don’t pay attention anymore, or simply because they completely forgot about others.

Humans forget their shadows and others so easily!

Then from time to time, some of them decide that they need to change their lives and embrace once and for all the existence of their shadow. That is always a very revealing, enlightening and important moment. Today it happened to her, I can sense that too.

She is wearing a red dress, her long curly brown hair is free with the wind. Walking on the sandy beach, in a straight line towards me, she is distracted from space and time but not from herself.

I must confess that I am pleasantly surprised that a human decided to walk this distance with thousands of us in between. It’s not that we are going to hurt her, but there’s too many of us and she is only one.

Now, it’s time. I need to move so she can pass. We all do it slowly so she doesn’t get scared, but I decided to look at her straight in the eyes whilst giving her passage. I want her to feel the space and the time, right here, right now. She is looking back at me and there is a shy moment of silence that I recognise in any circumstance.

She is awakening.

She turns her head over her shoulder to look back and then she looks at me again. I can see that only now she realises that she is in the middle of thousands of seagulls and there is no human soul nearby to help – if we, for some reason, decide to attack her. Which we will not of course, but what if…

What will she do now, I wonder? We were all very cautious and gave her passage for over 1 km and now she is exactly in the middle of us! To turn back would take as much time as to continue walking until the end of the beach. I hope she doesn’t panic, but I can see that she is thinking fast about what to do, a lot of different thoughts and emotions are passing through her eyes, and between fear and confidence she takes a deep breath and continues her walk.

I like her!

Time for me to go for a walk with my shadow and discover more about my new human friend. Seagulls see their shadows all the time when flying close to the water.

We know that shadows are more than simple reflections, they are a side of us that we can’t hide from ourselves once we are awakened.

I hope that one day she acknowledges my existence as I do hers. I wonder what her name is and what she is going to do next.

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