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How To Know If You’ve Met A Wanderer & Why Your Life Will Never Be The Same


Wanderer souls are old souls. They incarnated endless times before. They are no longer attached to the everyday drama, the gossips, or the material possessions so many try to build up in their lifetime: the mortgage, the nice car, the need to control one’s life, the need for safety, regular income, routine and a mostly predictable future.

They gave up on all of that. Instead they collect different things…

They collect stories: their own, other people’s stories, stories they read about, stories they write about, stories they remember from their past lives and previous incarnations. Therefore, when you meet a wanderer soul, be prepared to hear the craziest stories you will ever hear.

Stories of belonging and detachment, stories of massive pain and how they overcame it, stories of how they started talking with spirits one night and since then, help them to step into the light. Stories of fairies and nature spirits and how they love talking with trees. Stories of synchronistic events and signs from the Universe that guided them to be where they were supposed to be.

They collect the energy of different countries, cultures, languages, humour and way of doing things. When they travel, they immerse themselves fully in that country. They want to experience the language, the food, the culture and its people.

Oftentimes wanderers travel alone and excel at that. They always meet fellow solo travellers and build beautiful connections along the way.

Therefore, when you meet a wanderer be prepared to hear that story of how their minivan broke down in the middle of the night in Cambodia and how they ended up having breakfast, at 3 a.m. at a Cambodian family’s hut who rescued them from the street, or that “silly” time when they just wanted to stay in Thailand for a few weeks and ended up staying for a year, because obviously they decided to become a Reiki Master and decided to give up corporate life.

Or the story where they fought against a poltergeist in Switzerland and won.

They collect relationships and fond memories about all the men or women they have been with. Mostly it never lasted, because not everyone knows how to be with a wanderer. A wanderer can never be “domesticized”; with the next strong wind that arrives they might be gone. They come into your life like Mary Poppins, suddenly they are there. And they are there like no one else can ever be there.

The most intense time you will have is with a wanderer. They will make you question so many things in your life. They will make you laugh more than you ever have and cry more than you did before. They will make sure all your hidden pain will come out. And once that’s done, once the wind calls them, their mission is done, and off they fly away again, for their feet have been itching for a while now.

They are collectors of wisdom. They don’t believe there is only one truth. They believe there are many different puzzle pieces to build up on this concept of complete truth. They are the seekers of truth. They love nothing more than meeting other wisdom collectors to swap their puzzle pieces, and to get these pieces out of their wisdom box. They fondly share their memories of how they came to collect that pearl of wisdom.

By sharing their pearls with each other, they duplicate, triple and keep increasing their overall wisdom pearls. This is why it’s so necessary for them to keep traveling and to find fellow wanderer souls. They need to complete that puzzle, don’t they? They want to see that puzzle completed before they close their eyes for the last time.

Therefore, you have been blessed when a wanderer comes into your life. Never again will you be next to so much wisdom that’s shared from an open and kind heart. Open yourselves up for all these wisdom pearls to come into your life. You will hold on to that wisdom for long after the wanderer left your life again.

They are the eternal collectors, while also generously sharing their love, their wisdom and their healing energy with everyone who crosses their path.

Wanderer souls suffer also, because they are home everywhere, yet nowhere. They feel they are part of this world, and yet they come from far away. When they cry, they cry the tears of Mother Earth for they deeply feel her pain. They feel your pain, too, as if it was theirs.

Their connection with the divine, the all that is, is their primary relationship. Every other relationship comes second. They are married to the divine, and therefore with themselves, because they understood that they carry the divine within them. They feel hole and solitude doesn’t scare them.

They are here to inspire, to heal, to share and to live in the moment. They are here to show to others that it’s important to keep one’s inner child alive. When they laugh the entire room lights up. They get excited about watching stars and make a wish when they see a shooting star, and know it will come true. And once it does even you will believe in making a wish and have that come true.

So yes, if you ever meet a wanderer and they choose to open up to you, enjoy every moment of it: you have been profoundly blessed and your life will never be the same again.

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Lais Stephan

Lais is the founder of and the creator of an online 4-week past lives regression & healing program. She works online with women around the world as a psychic healer & Space Clearing Expert. She feels highly allergic to abundance blocks, and therefore specialises in finding blockages that prevent you from finding love, having deeper relationships, a successful business with financial freedom, and anything else that is blocking you from achieving what you want. She just launched her signature program Abundant Chicks.

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