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Everyday Is A Chance To Grow {Seven Ways To Empower Your Chakras}


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There are various activities a person can do every day in the Western world to discover calm serenity.

Life is like standing on a balancing board: One does not achieve constant steadiness, for there are always waves of emotion to push us up and down, pull us this way and that. Our best option is to surf the spiral.

The seven sections below correlate to the seven chakras, or chi energy centers of the human body. Identical to the order in a mystical rainbow, the chakras are illustrated by ROYGBIV. Red is Root, Orange is Sacral, Yellow is Solar Plexus, Green is Heart, Blue is Throat, Indigo is Brow, and Violet is Crown.

Remind the Being to Be

When a mind is full, there is less space to appreciate the beautifully divine, perfectly whole, multi-dimensional Self. Some of the best ways to get grounded with Mother Earth are to breathe deeply (both inhaling fully and exhaling fully), output swirling thoughts into the void, and listen with intent to the beating of your heart.

Meditate. Go into nature. Cuddle a lover or an animal. Appreciate the little things like clean water, comfy bed sheets, and WiFi. You are exactly where you need to be and are moving at precisely the right speed. There is infinite wonder to discover right now in the complex simplicity of the human experience. You belong here, now. Breathe and think this mantra: I breathe, therefore I am.

Mediate Actions and Reactions

An action can be as minute as the choice to carry an upright posture or as momentous as the decision to quit working a certain job. The next step in balancing the chakra alignment is to bring mindful awareness to the direction of your being. Are you regularly doing what you want to do? Does your path reflect your deepest desires?

Begin by paying attention to the way you give and receive energy. Watch the way you move. Break routine. Get a standing desk. Try new things. Empower yourself. Hit the gym. Go out with good friends. Most importantly, pay attention to the things that ignite your core. Do you dive deeper when something feels good? Do you step away when something feels bad? Forget what you think is right and do what you feel is right.

Practice Creative Transformation

The sun is the life-force energy of our solar system; the alchemist of organic transformation in all creatures. You are a humble seed born of the sun. You are renewable energy/infinite power alive to decorate the world with beauty. Like lovely flowers in the fields, the light of Self brings colour to one’s everyday life.

Embrace the starlight within you by making magic. Kindle your yang/masculine energy. Be honest with your feelings and express them openly. Explore your self and your relationship to all there is. Adventure into the unknown to discover unseen opportunities. Take up your favourite creative hobby — you know, the passion you put aside when you set out to become who you are. This can be anything from sculpting, to hip-hop dance, to drawing comics. Use your ingenuity to dance artistically upon this stage of stardust.

Feel and Grow Love

When you decide to express your true feelings, you truly feel your Self. As discussed above, we are beings of love in the garden of the universe. We are entangled with nature. This Earth should overflow with talent, passion, and joy. There is no reason it cannot.

Grow your compassion and let go of your grief. Be at peace with your yin/feminine energy and let those tears fall. Volunteer locally. Imagine everyone is a mirror to enhance your empathy. Get outside. Eat whole, plant-based foods. Drink lots of water. Live fearlessly. Open your heart to someone new. Lie down with time and just get lost in a moment of Zen. Peace is the green of the trees, the smile of youth. You find it within you, no matter the time of day, where you are, or who you are with.

Speak From the Soul

There’s nothing like holding in your true feelings to give your heart a one-way ticket back to snooze-ville. As the Buddha said so eloquently, “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” To live with integrity, honesty, and vulnerability is to liberate the spirit within the skin to become one with the wind.

You are a channel for the Universe to tell its divine story. Open your voice to sing your own version of the song of eternity. Keep your chin up. Communicate your thoughts and feelings openly. Write poetry, lyrics, music, a novel, a play, a short story. Discover for yourself the paradox that exists in storytelling — the good and bad of a heroic journey. The voice of reason is a messenger of spiritual truth.

Manifest Dream and Desire

As the third eye awakens from its slumber in the soils of idyllic ignorance, a person comes to see reality in a startling new light. Like a volcano bursting open, enlightenment shakes a person to the core. The Zen proverb asserts: Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. One must remain grounded after the illusion of separation is revealed.

Accept the fact that we do not know everything. Question the world and the way things are. Daydream and space-out. Let go of doubt. Try lucid dreaming to better understand the limitless potential of the waking world. Practice tarot card reading to gain insight into the realm of the unconscious mind. Use your intuition and imagination every single day to make life more harmonious. Realize what you desire — big or small, near or far — can truly be attained with the law of attraction. Radiate good vibes.

Connect to the Cosmos

As illusions dissolve, we see we are not under the stars, but, in actuality, we are of and connected to all the stars. We rest at the center of the infinity loop. Space stretches out before us, matter spirals within us. And time moves it all. Now is the time to be here and expand your awareness in the present moment.

To balance this heightened state of being one might begin by practicing detachment from trivial issues. Release the past with a smile and embrace the future with some faith. Gaze into the night sky or into the ocean horizon, losing singular focus as you absorb the whole. Familiarize yourself with sacred geometry and the Fibonacci sequence. Uncover hidden patterns like galaxies in thumbprints and veins in plants. Watch less current news and read more ancient history. Try breathwork meditation. And, to bring it full circle, remember to simply be your multidimensional self.

To center the chi/chakras is to reside in the eye of the storm, so to speak. This way, the storm is the thundering pain and the eye is a blissful space void of suffering. One unlocks this solace of nirvana with the key of loving awareness.

In conclusion, every day is a chance to grow your consciousness — the energy of mind, body, soul. With time a person learns to transcend the human experience, becoming one with the extraordinary heart of nature.

Energized chakras are the source and aim of unconditional love.

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Avery Rouda is a Freelance Screenwriter based in Los Angeles. When she is not writing scripts, she is studying or practicing Art and Mindfulness. Simply put, Avery is one within the Collective who finds everyday ways to shed some light and spread some love. EN.LIGHT.EN

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