What Ayurveda Really Is – Realign The Body With The Genius Of Nature That Designed It


Most yogis are aware of Ayurveda, often called the big sister of yoga. We read about it in the magazines and get small Ayurvedic life style hacks here and there. But what is it really and how do you live it? I asked Uma Inder, my teacher this question and here’s what she said:

Ayurveda lives in me and lives through me. It is a living body of nature’s wisdom that simply requires the mindful choice to go with nature and not against it. That means we could be anyone, anywhere, at anytime, of any age—prioritizing health according to our condition, ability, environment and circumstance—in order to be living ‘Ayurvedically’.

Ayurveda is founded in the innate laws that govern natural phenomena at gross and subtle levels. As such it is an integrative, intuitive “Life Science” accessible to all, anywhere, anytime. Essential to Ayurveda’s age-defying relevance is the free, intelligent compliance with cosmic law.

If enduring health is the outcome of living mindfully in accordance with natural laws, then the preventable disruption of health is caused by the ‘mind-less’ failure to align with them.

My practice of Ayurvedic prevention and healthcare is dependent on the understanding that we are all interconnected by nature at elemental levels and therefore impacted in measurable ways by seen and unseen forces. Knowing this I am more greatly aware and responsive to the nature of my surroundings. Remembering this I am empowered to make conscious choices. Learning from my mistakes allows for greater sensitivity. Acting upon what I know from my experience I can disable the addictive tendencies and re-create healthy patterns, regimens and habits to remove and prevent the causes of imbalance.

The basis of my Ayurvedic prevention and self-healing is living in moderation and attuning to the natural rhythms of the day, night, season and life-cycle. The daily regimens are called “dinacarya”. The night regimens are called “ratricarya”. The seasonal regimens are called “ritucarya”. These self-administered detoxifying and rejuvenating routines serve to regulate my digestive power, to recharge and optimize vitality, clarity, immunity and to purify and recalibrate my total sense perception and cognition.

It sounds inviting and yet many will dread these guidelines in fear of more stress, failure, deprivation, time wastage and loss of perceived freedom. I began in earnest following a reset, and step by step I felt again the physical, emotional, mental and energetic harmony afforded by consciously realigning the body with the genius of nature that designed it.

The process of prevention and healthcare began by inquiring into my innate, psycho-physiological nature (prakruti) and my fundamental needs as they relate to environment, climate, season, nutrition, self-care, relationship, sexuality, education, occupation, fitness, leisure, altruism and spirituality.

I experience that we are each uniquely wired to interact with the limitless in our limited form and that form—our sentient body—is worthy of a clean slate and a regular, assisted overhaul with each micro part thoroughly cleansed and nourished inside-out, bottom-to-top with the substances of Nature’s macro love for her own. For this reason I undertake a full Panchakarma every year.

Panchakarma (meaning five actions) is Ayurveda’s comprehensive system of purificatory and restorative procedures engineered to dislodge and extract deep-seated, disease-forming toxins that have accumulated over a lifetime.

I experience Panchakarma to work by reversing toxic obstruction at the root of compounded disorders. I am grateful beyond words for the gift of Panchakarma in my life as it exposes and permanently remove impurities from my body and mind to re-establish original harmony with natural law and consequently strengthen vitality, potency and immunity. And love. Abiding love for my little and big self.

If you have a question you’d like Uma to answer, please send it to Read more about Uma here.

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Karen Pallisgaard

Karen Pallisgaard is a Danish bestselling author, speaker, seeker, yoga teacher and journalist covering mind, body and spirit. Moreover ambassador for Plan International Denmark - one of the oldest and largest children's development organisations in the world. Uma Inder is Karen's teacher: African-born, of Indian descent, was initiated by a renegade tantric master with whom she lived for a period of seven years in the Balinese jungle and seven more in the world at large in conditions and states which transcended the bonds of consensus reality. Uma is often initially unpalatable to the Western practitioner accustomed to spiritual padding. Time around Uma tends to upset, destabilize, and otherwise rearrange one’s manufactured order. Connect with Karen on Instagram.

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