By Allorah Rayne MIND RISE

Crank The Volume Of Feeling Up And Dance Your Conscious Ass Off


Have you ever really felt your body? No, really. Have you? Humanity has become masterful in the art of escapism. We do everything we can not to feel.

Life sucks sometimes.

Make sure you make enough to pay your bills and hopefully you will still be able to put gas in your tank to go to a job that sucks out your soul. Don’t forget to take care of the ones that depend on you – children, siblings, parents even.

Push yourself to the edge of insanity to be the best and appease the professors and/or employers breathing down your neck asking for just a few more minutes of your time when you haven’t slept in days.

No wonder we live in a society controlled by big pharma because we cannot live without them. When really, we aren’t living at all. Because of the trauma of the time in which we live. We don’t want to feel at all, let alone truly live. We don’t want to feel our minds, our emotions, and worse yet, the physical sensations of life in our bodies.

Truly living is a bitch.

You have to feel things. Everything. Joy, sadness, grief, loss, love, confusion, frustration, indecision, backaches, muscle cramps, bone pain, headaches. And to feel the full spectrum of sensation within the human experience is traumatic. But I will tell you a secret – the physical sensations of life, all of them, facilitate exponential growth potential.

When you realise that you can consciously pinpoint where your muscles connect, there are places you feel and hold emotion physically, your feet hold the memory of your past lives, your palms provide a window to your future, your eyes and ears soak up intuition every minute of every day, it becomes a whole new world.

The first time I ever truly felt my body was in an Iyengar Yoga class. Perhaps by sheer miracle, I quieted the continuous mental chatter floating through my brain and just focused on being in my body. Just because I know how to feel the sensations doesn’t mean I am always good at it as I, too, am a master escape artist.

This is why engaging your body, being in your body, moving your body during spiritual practice, is vital. It makes you aware that you have a body and it is a magnificent, awesome, beautiful, divine piece of master craftsmanship with an organic computer, an air purification system, the ultimate water pump, a sewage system, a system for creation, a living coat of armour, and many other fascinating synchronistic systems that just know what to do without conscious instruction.

I challenge you to dance. To move in ways you never have. And to do feel while you’re doing it. Conscious body engagement in spirituality, especially in ritual, is something that is beneficial to raising energy, honouring the divine for bestowing the soul with a vessel, and to expanding consciousness.

Next time you’re in ritual, or even just cleaning your house, crank the volume up and dance your conscious ass off.


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Allorah Rayne

Allorah Rayne is an eclectic witch and has been practicing for seven years. She has been part of the online spiritual community since 2012. Though she took a 3 year sabbatical, she is back to vlogging her spiritual journey with more fire than ever. Her hobbies include writing both fiction and non-fiction, engaging in intellectual debates, video games, and studying history/anthropology/archaeology at her university. Allorah is also the co-founder of Spread This, Witches!, a community centered divination organization. Spiritually, Allorah has been studying Tarot since the age of nine and her magickal inclinations are as wild as she and include a wide variety of traditions and practices. You can find her on her Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, and YouTube by simply searching Allorah Rayne.

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