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There’s Never One Way To Do Anything {5 Non-Dogmatic Ways To Connect To Spirit}


There’s this song by Charlie Pride, “Kiss An Angel Good Mornin'”, that’s on repeat in my ears ever since I decided to write about this topic.

I don’t think that’s a coincidence. (For one, I’m not really into country music). Because what I’ve been yearning to write about is how we make spiritual work a very serious business.

What we need to remember

We forget that every single thing is spiritual. Because every single thing is made of spirit. And when we forget that, we run the risk of being dogmatic. We have now made spiritual work a religion.

We forget somewhere along the path that joy, appreciation and excitement are the highest vibes out there. We trade those vibes in for strict discipline, uncomfortable body positions, inflexible rules, and forced conduct. Therefore, a lot of spiritual circles look a lot like cults and very little like a genuine, conscious community.

What is true wisdom?

This ends up alienating people who do want to be on a conscious path but can’t seem to wrap their heads around words like goddess, divine masculine, feel the kundalini rising, etc. We forget that we were once like them. Nobody was born knowing what those words and phrases mean. An ideal community can speak to everyone, and touch their hearts.

It’s one thing to learn the “techniques” of shamanism, for example. It’s another thing to become rigid about it. Knowledge becomes wisdom when it’s applied in you and in everyone else around you. And when you learn this wisdom you realize that there is never, ever one way to do things.

Cussing and cuddling are valid spiritual practices

Over the years, I’ve found that when I do a reading for a client after kissing and cuddling my cards, the results shock both me and my client. Not only that but my clients are better able to hear what I’m saying when I energetically come at them with the energy of a big mamma bear wanting to squish them with cuddles. It’s quite amusing to see the effects.

When I first cussed in front of my first shaman teacher she acted as if I had hand delivered an invitation to Satan. I dumped her immediately. After a few months, I found a second mentor. She cussed alongside me. And I don’t have to mention that her medicine was on another level.

That’s not to say that words don’t have energy. They do. What gives them energy is the intention behind them. Using a cuss word with surprise is way different that using a cuss word with malicious intentions.

That brings me to a very important point – you make the energy. You are the energy. Don’t try to meditate for an hour if the thought of it is daunting. Meditate for 5 minutes with joy and the results will be beyond magnificent.

Non-dogmatic ways to connect to spirit:

  1. Kiss, hug and cuddle with whatever tools you use in your spiritual practice.
  2. Realize that the self-help book you’re reading is just as much a spiritual practice as dancing under a moon. Your favorite stuffed unicorn is just as potent a tool as that fancy pendulum.
  3. You’re allowed, even encouraged, to play with spirituality. Ditch that 30-minute meditation for a warm cup of tea by the window, if you want to. And don’t judge yourself for it.
  4. Be patient and kind to people who just “don’t get it”. Challenge yourself to explain tough spiritual concepts in a way they do get it.
  5. Have fun. Always. That’s the whole reason why we’re here in the first place.

I leave you with my version of the song by Charlie Pride:

Well people may try to guess, the secret of my happiness
But some of them never learn it’s a simple thing

The secret I’m speaking of, is the God in a human in love
And the answer is in this song that I always sing

You’ve got to kiss your spirit good morning
And let it know you think about it even when you’re gone

Kiss your spirit good morning
And love it like the devil when you get back home.

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Dilshad is an intuitive reader, healing guide, a poet, a creator, and a daily activist. An explorer at heart, she lives for what lurks beneath, unseen and forgotten. She is a professional intuitive who combines the practice of her heritage (Zoroastrianism), ancient mysteries, energy healing techniques, tarot, mythology, life coaching, and crystals in her service. Dilshad crafts readings with her own twist. She guides you through receiving, digesting, and integration of the information into everyday reality. Discover more about her unique readings here. For soulful inspiration and mini teachings, check out her online magazine.

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