New Moon Magic & Solar Eclipse: A New Beginning Is Upon Us


August 21st : New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo 10:20am PST

I wish you all a moment of reverence for the mysteries that permeate our lives, and the way we are called into meaningful reflection. On this day, millions of Americans will step outside to take in the phenomenal experience of a total solar eclipse. It’s impossible to say how many of those that observe the eclipse will do so in a creatively ceremonial way – a way that infuses this cosmic event with personal and collective meaning for our planet and our time, but my sense is, it will be many. For whatever else this eclipse inspires or catalyzes for each of us, I find myself deeply moved by our awe and our wonder…for our species timeless dance with all that is fleeting, and full of mystery.

In the sign of Leo, this new moon solar eclipse touches us to the very core of who we believe ourselves to be, and what we believe we are here to offer, on this planet, at this time.

This cosmic alignment evokes the lion-hearted, courageous one of you whose deep longing is to live artfully, to live love into the world from the core of you.

It calls forth the one of you who aligns outer action with inner vision – with soul, in order to live the fullest possible life in the time you have.

Soul in this context, refers to your one true place – the “truth at the center of the image you were born with’ as David Whyte says…the unique, never-seen-before and never-to-be-seen again gift that you carry for the world. This place is greater and more inclusive than your social and vocational roles and identities. To offer yourself to the river of soul is to love the world and yourself in it in a radical way; a way that courageously sacrifices your too-small stories for something deeper, more mysterious, less possible to control, and more authentically you than the myriad of personas and identities you have assembled.

To go there is to confront the terrible beauty of your own truth. It is to listen to the still, small voice that persistently whispers; “there is something deeper…something more meaningful, worthy of living and dying for…”

Eclipses have long been identified as powerful gateways or thresholds between an event or an era that is coming to a close, and a new beginning. What is completing in your life? What way of being or story you’ve been living is too-small? What vital impulse is pounding down the walls of your heart, and rushing through your veins? What path awaits you ahead? How might you call upon your lion heart to step through the threshold, knowing full-well it may ask everything of you?

I dream of a world in which everyone lives so fully, so artfully, so audaciously from love that there is nothing left when it is time to leave. I pray for all people – that they be filled with a sense of purpose – the deepest kind of purpose, and that they have the courage to live that into the world. I imagine all of us on this eclipse day, looking up at the sky as the moon obscures the sun, and re-membering that all of life is worthy of our awe, our time, and attention.

Every day can be a day to love wildly, to create art, to make ceremony, to lay ourselves down as offerings to something greater than the lives we plan.

Maybe we’ll feel it as we gaze up. Love. The fiercest kind of love, the love that shakes us to our core…A love that will tear down the barriers that keep too many of us from really living, feeling, being, love. Maybe…a new beginning is indeed upon us. Can you feel it?

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