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Soul Jumps: It’s Through Pain That Most Of Us Grow


What the heck is a soulution you might ask, very well aware already that most likely it has something to do with your soul.

I know how “obsessed” we human beings are with finding solutions all the time. We can’t sit in pain for too long, or with any uncomfortable emotions. We need to have things all figured out. We would never dare to just quit a job without having a new job lined up. And the same holds true for our relationships: how easy is it to leave a relationship that is in “working condition” because the only thing worse than staying is leaving?

When our loved ones are in pain, the last thing we think about is to just hold space for them, and instead we bombard them with all the great solutions we can come up with to ease their pain, to make them take action, and to get them out of that shitty situations they are in.

And isn’t it true for ourselves as well? We don’t enjoy being in difficult situations and look for solutions: a PLAN B, C and even better a PLAN Z in case all other letters before failed.

So, what is a SOULUTION?

A soulution comes in when you least expect it. And most likely it will present itself to you when you are experiencing your darkest moments: The moments you feel so lost, that you don’t even know whether you are in a tunnel, or at what direction the light is waiting for you. After all it could be at one end, or the other. Or by staying exactly where you are (in the middle of the tunnel) you keep waiting for the light to find its way into the tunnel and guide you out of it.

But that’s not how it works, you all! That’s unfortunately never how it works.

A Soulution will present itself to you with a whispering voice. You might hear a few shy sentences in your head. You might have a feeling about something. A baby idea that makes no sense at all for now.

When these soulutions start popping up, you will have no idea where these ideas come from. And they might make no sense at all when they start appearing. Moreover, they seem imaginable: especially when they speak about leaving a marriage, a long-term relationship, or a career path you have invested so much time and energy into.

To go back into this tunnel analogy. A Soulution would probably whisper into your head to look to your right, to climb up those rocks over there, as there is an opening just above (that you obviously can’t see from where you are standing right now) and you will think what a crazy idea. PLAN A to walk backwards out of the tunnel, or PLAN B to walk forward and follow the path, or even PLAN C to just stand there and do nothing sound like the safest and easiest solutions for now, don’t they?

If you don’t listen and ignore it, the soulution will get stronger and stronger, and the initial whispers will turn into loud screams inside of your head. And at the same time, you will have strong impulses about places you need to go to, travel to, or people you need to “hook up” with again. Or you might have impulses of starting new hobbies, write that book, or to go and seek help from a coach, mentor or therapist.

Here is what’s going on, dear ones: Your soul is guiding you towards the path of biggest potential for you, the path of biggest soul growth. A soulution doesn’t give you “easy” choices, after all, easy is for solutions – the solutions we take based on our minds, based on our limiting beliefs, our fears and our ego.

A soulution laughs at these, for this is not what your soul needs or wants. Your soul doesn’t want easy. It will never show you the “easy way out” and it certainly will never give you all sorts of options and letters from the alphabet. There is no PLAN B or C. There is only the soulution: the only path that makes your soul jump forward on a massive scale.

I believe these soulutions only happen a few times in your life, maybe even only once. And when this soulution present itself to you, you have been blessed: at some point before you incarnated here on Earth, you yourself, on a soul level decided on your biggest lessons to learn, the biggest hurdles to overcome, and the periods where you would be “open” for a massive jump.

The healers, spiritual teachers, people of service to humanity, the artists might have a few more of these soulution periods in their life, for its through pain that most of us grow, and it’s through understanding our own struggles and our own inner darkness, that we understand the world’s struggles and everyone’s pain around us. We need to master these “soul jumps” so we can inspire others to do the same. And that’s the beauty of this: a person who embarks on a soul journey will never be the same, and will light the path for many other people to walk their own individual soul paths.

You can either take this leap of faith and jump, or you can succumb to your fears and your ego, and follow the path of least resistance: the easy path – the PLAN B or C, or the plan where you just don’t move and stay “stuck” in the tunnel, waiting for someone to come and rescue you.

Right now, at the time of writing this, I know for a fact that there will be many people experiencing the same thing: a call from our souls to level up our lives.

It’s not going to be easy, dear ones: it involves letting go. It involves shedding a lot of old skin like a damn snake. It involves crashing down like a phoenix, and then being burned only to be reborn again. Yet, we have no clue what we will be reborn as and what happens after.

We will have no clue, and yet we need to have faith.

So, who here is still looking for soulutions, or who is with me and ready to listen to your soul and the only Solution that is the biggest opportunity for you right now? Let’s do this!

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Lais Stephan

Lais is the founder of and the creator of an online 4-week past lives regression & healing program. She works online with women around the world as a psychic healer & Space Clearing Expert. She feels highly allergic to abundance blocks, and therefore specialises in finding blockages that prevent you from finding love, having deeper relationships, a successful business with financial freedom, and anything else that is blocking you from achieving what you want. She just launched her signature program Abundant Chicks.

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