You’re Beautiful Because You’re Authentic — Not A Copy


“Know then that the body is merely a garment.
Go seek the wearer, not the cloak.” 


You wanted to get into it. So you’ve changed your looks and shaped a fake you.

You started by learning from magazines. You then recounted on your body all that you had read. And you started to wear what you thought you should.

The objective was to look conventional. To make sure you wouldn’t be out of sync and blamed for it by society. But it wasn’t this simple: once that was done, you also needed to find trendy accessories to add your own distinctive touch to it. A purse, some jewellery, a certain color combo, etc. You needed to make sure you’d be noticed for your originality while still being considered one of the beautiful people.

Ironically, you already know that they are all photoshopped in these damned magazines.

I don’t find you more attractive as an XXS. I don’t want you to wear that stupid dress showing the dramatic diet you’ve been on. They won’t love you more with that fantastic super push-up bra. And if it seems so, I don’t think we are speaking of love.

You don’t need to disguise yourself to look gorgeous. You don’t need to make fashion statements that aren’t true to yourself. Wear what you like, let your body evolve as it does. You’re allowed to.

Don’t ever let any trend tell you who you should be.

Most of them are nothing but cultural standards of our times, placed on a pedestal by people we don’t even know. Trends. They could be gone in a year, and already mean nothing to people on the other side of the world.

Never feel guilty for looking gorgeous without fitting into the narrow box of body trends.

Sweetie, happy girls are the prettiest.

Feel the ground beneath your feet. Press it. Stand up straight. Walk your streets head-high. Be confident.

You look beautiful because you’re authentic. Not a copy.

True beauty – the one that makes you shine and leaves your mark on people – radiates from your mind and heart. Looks will fade. That won’t.

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