Turn Inward, Wild Woman & Look Forward To Your Darkness


As we approach the autumn season, I feel a stirring in my bones.

Not the high-energy, action-packed, ready to start anything stirring I feel around Spring-time. No, this is a stirring of preparation for descent. My body is ready to descend into the depths of my darkness and stillness as we approach the end of the Mother turn of the Wheel and prepare for the Crone season of Winter.

Do you feel it, Sister? The need to be alone? The need for silence and stillness? The need to shut out everyone and everything and just be? If we do not embrace this need for stillness, our darkness we should be accepting will manifest itself in negative ways. We may feel depressed, unsettled, ungrounded, argumentative, and stuck with no sense of purpose.

As Women, we are raised to put everyone before ourselves. We are told that to be a good Mother, Wife, and Woman, means we put everyone’s happiness and well-being before our own. To do anything else, would be just selfish. When we try to do something for our own needs, we feel the guilt of betrayal and that we are somehow doing something wrong by focusing on our own needs. Well, I’m here to tell you that’s bullshit!

For you to be the best Mother, Wife, and Woman, you need to feel loved, appreciated, and valued.

You need to do these things for yourself! You must feed your Soul what it needs to feel happy and full, and when you do, you are living your truths authentically, which in turn, allows you to share this positive energy with those around you.

It is the time of rest, my Sister. The time we give our mind, body, and soul the rest it needs. Everything is born in the dark. It is through this darkness that we grow and transform. During this second half of the year of the Wheel, we enter the Dark period. If we do what we are created to do during this season, as the wheel of time turns, the cycle of Life/Death/Life continues. If we ignore our intuition and needs and we do not embrace our darkness, we become stuck at Death.

By embracing this dark period, we are letting go of things/people/situations/emotions that no longer serve our higher purpose. We let die what needs to die, so that something else, something more powerful and beautiful, can be born. This is not an easy process.

Growth and transformation take a lot of energy, pain, sacrifice, and submission. If you focus on these as negative circumstances instead of positive transformations, you will go through this darkness with much more pain, negativity and fear than you need to. Mother Earth is entering her own darkness, and whether you choose to embrace it or not, she will either help you on this journey in your shadow-work or drag you through it kicking and screaming. Either way, your shadow time will come.

When you accept that we were created to live circular, instead of linear, we know that the deaths of life are just the foundation and beginnings of a new Life.

When you allow your inner Wild Woman, to ebb and flow with the Moon and the seasons, you attune yourself to the natural energy flow of the universe.

You are your own worst enemy in the dark time. You can allow your Ego mind to take you to negative places and cause more pain and fear. This fear, then paralyzes you and prevents you from moving forward.

Turn inward, Wild Woman.

Allow your entire being to succumb to this darkness. Believe and trust in your own power. Trust that you are in control of your own life and how you react to your circumstances will determine your future outcomes. Remember, it takes great pain to make great change and transformation. Accepting this, allows you to look forward to your own darkness because you know the lessons you will learn during this time, will help you on your journey of Wild Woman discovery!

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Dezaray Blankenship

Dezaray Blankenship, is a Wild Woman Warrior Witch, who has been enlightening other women for the past 10 years. She is a fierce activist for the Divine Feminine, and offers Soul-Healing and Shadow-Work through classes and one-on-one self discovery missions. Her goal is to help women heal their wounds to make great change and growth, through the great pain and heartache. You can follow her on Facebook and on Instagram. You can email her for a free personal consultation at

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