By Michele Mekel HOLY FIRE

Ordain Yourself High Priestess Of Your Being & Claim Your Bewitching Destiny


Sibylline Daughter, Claim Your Destiny

Dear Holy One,

Do you hear the winds whispering your divine name, as they rustle through the barren boughs of the standing talls?

Do you spy the raven atop the weather-worn fence post casting a knowing glance in your direction, as it recognizes your special alchemy?

Yes, you. You with crystal bracelets stacked from wrist to forearm. You with playing cards tucked into your hat band. The Great Mystery awaits. It’s ready to show you that your scars make you beautiful, that your failures make you wise, and that all your perfect imperfections make you the real magic of this realm.

Simply ordain yourself High Priestess of Your Being, and stride purposely through the veil to your bewitching destiny.

. . .

The Reader

Hecate beckons
from the medial crossroads,
where flesh convenes with spirits.

A chosen daughter,
a sibyl in her service,
steps forth from the shadows.

Through the mystery,
from tarot cards and silver charms,
the Oracle flows.

Prophesy kissed,
these lips bear words and witness
to fates and futures foretold.

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"To know Artemis is to know the Holy Wild, to root our soul-gifts deep into Gaia’s loam, and to stop apologizing for embodying our own, ever-evolving truth." — @wolfwomanwitch {image : @artemisdianawitch} #artemis #wakeupanddream

{image : @artemisdianawitch}


  1. Mary Ann Wildwood

    Beautiful writing! Love the idea of self-ordained! Keep up the inspiring and empowering words!

  2. Mary Grace

    I absolutely love the language you use!
    It is difficult to describe so accurately with our conventional ways of speaking and I often find myself speaking in prose and summoning the poet within.

    • Michele Mekel

      Thank you so very much, Mary! I totally agree — the Muse is so much more capable of conveying what is in the heart.

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