Everything’s Falling Apart & Starting To Change: Signs The Dragon & Phoenix Have Arrived In Your life


Tales about the Dragon and the Phoenix are found throughout history in different traditions, always telling us a similar story.

We can use the knowledge these tales carry; they have been left to us for a reason. We can apply them to our own individual lives as well as to society and humanity in whole.

Have you ever felt like all of your wounds surfaced all at once and that something within you was dying?

Everything falling apart and starting to change and reshape within as without. That is the Dragon.

One dark, cold winter I felt it coming closer, creeping up on me. I tried to run away but it was useless, it chewed me, spit me out and covered me with burning fire.

Have you ever felt yourself slowly arise with a renewed sense of purpose and strength?

Like a puzzle piece by piece coming together again, but this time in a new form. It feels like a rebirth. That’s the Phoenix.

That same winter it came to me through the burning flames, reminding me of my strength, reminding me of trust in the process and of letting go. Then it slowly arose with me from the ashes with old beliefs peeled, old wounds transformed and a deeper connection to and trust in myself and life.

These archetypes master the elements and are exquisite energy alchemists, killing parts of you to leave space for the new to rise from the fertile soil of demolished energy.

They transform you, reshape your world and initiate you to master a wider range of dynamics in your life.

During death and change, emotions like grief, pain, loss, and resistance naturally come along. Doom and fear flood over you when leaving the familiar behind to enter uncertainty (which often at first feels like an empty void). These emotions are a natural part of the process and of being human.

Feel the beauty and interesting, intense life dynamic of it rather than distract yourself or run away. It’s an initiation. Let the mythic creatures work you and you will start to sense old wisdom bloom inside of you.

Life contains continuous transformation and change – that’s the nature of existence. It can happen gradually and smoothly or it can hit us drastically and turn our whole lives around.

We need to understand it and become skilled in the processes so that we don’t step back and resist it when it occurs, which only leads to a slower, more painful process.

We can never arrive at our potential if we continuously stay comfortably in the same form, and honestly, we shouldn’t want to.

The Dragon and the Phoenix both come with gifts if we let them work their medicine and welcome change as a sacred celebratory act, an initiation into a new stage.

The Dragon symbolizes our hidden powers deep within, our shadows under the veil. Tremendous powers lie dormant in the symbol of the dragon, and it is how we have met and acknowledged these powers that the dragon shows us. Like the classic nightmare scenario, when being haunted by a monster (the dragon) you try to run away but you aren’t fast enough and it comes closer and closer. If you instead stop and turn around to face it, it instantly starts to transform under your direct gaze.

The Phoenix was birthed from the sun god Ra’s heart and its body emits rays of pure sunlight. It is said to live and die cyclically with between 500 to 1,400 years apart. At the end of the cycle, it dies and deteriorates in flames and combustion to further, cleansed by the fire, arise in a new form. From the ashes, it victoriously rises with golden red wings, renewed strength, and the promise of a new beginning.

The energy of the Dragon is what we are experiencing globally right now. Deterioration, death, destruction and potential war to clean the slate before something new can arise. On the planet today we all sense a shift is happening. It has already begun; we are ready for a change. This earth is ready for a change.

We are ready to evolve. The Dragon has heard this subconscious call and arrived, and the Phoenix is soaring high in the sky.

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