By Michael Mejia HOLY FIRE

The Holy Message From The Guardian Of Love Is Alchemy


The Resurrection of Jesus

His skin was bronzed,
for it bathed in the brilliance of
the heavens.
His power manifest
like the sepia,
on the tusk
of the great sequoia,
whose both form and essence had

A son was birthed,
rooted in love
and he,
like all the mystics before
and all those who have yet to
was a messenger
for eternity
and a keeper of truth.

His hair long and dark,
his eyes entrancing,
for they transited
the elemental world,
harnessing the gifts of their
Brown and green
like that of the earth,
blue like the watered ocean;
like sunset,
and translucent
like air.

His heart vast,
for it bathed
in deathlessness.
He was a bearded man,
whose imperial form defied
a veiled world.
So much so,
that time,
through tongue,
would change his color,
his eyes,
his heart,
and the totality of his essence.

A world governed by sleeping Gods,
lost in an ordinance that gave
power to the Pharisees,
whose minds spoke of God,
but whose hearts had grown atheist
to empyreal order,
the one and only sin
that rippled into the physical
casting angels into cages.

Eden was now,
an inner netherworld,
and what of all those who
to live in his name?
The ones, whose tongues too,
are now split
like that of their ancestors,
a mirror echoing of
their hearts,
cascading into the Great Lake
of separation,
handing their power to the
mind of man;
Whose intuitive core has
been muted,
by the defining
sensation of emotional
living only through the
density of dualistic
and the salaciousness
of the senses.
All they can paint
is their pain,
for they are halved.

But what of Yeshua?
The life he created was that
of a divine mosaic,
one in which the eternally
pervasive, encased in the soul
of every man,
and child,
had become unsealed.
God would incarnate
through the soul
of his son.
God and man
would become one,
in unison
the orphic percipience
of Grace,
and the destiny of a savior
would collide;
the wisdom
of the Godlike Serpent,
the celestial light of
birthed the sacred
of the divine masculine
and the divine feminine.

The Father,
the son,
and the holy spirit
and eternity was now walking
as a Man.
The totality of his message
was alchemy.
He was the Guardian of Love.
This is the lost story of a man,
of a God,
of a Christ.

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Michael Mejia

My name is Michael Mejia. I am from Rancho Cucamonga, CA. I started writing poetry when I was a young child. At the age of twenty, I began to suffer from writers block. I had been harboring the secret that I was a man, that if given the opportunity to love, would fall in love with another man. In 2013 I had two serious concussions that put me in bed for a year and a half. It was here that I would face what lived inside of me, what had assimilated over time; love began to drown the pain that had once covered over the essence of love itself. A Journey Beyond Labels was the first poem I wrote after a decade, this is how I reintroduced myself to all of my family and friends.

  1. Magical!!!

  2. this poem captures so much truth about the shape religion has taken since the death and resurrection of Jesus. Great to get back to the originality and purpose of this man’s ultimate identity and voice

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