By Alison Climes WAKING WILD

The Wild Helps You To Break Out, To Feel Beauty & To Remember Who You Are


Sometimes the wild enters the city.

Sometimes the wild enters your life.

Sometimes the wild beckons you to the middle of the desert where you sleep on the dirt next to the fire and watch stars move across the sky and don’t fall asleep until the sun starts to brighten the dark blueish-black globe around you.

Sometimes the wild asks you what you want from life, who you want to be.

Sometimes the wild comes in your clean house and sprinkles dirt on the ground and ruffles up your neatly made bed.

Sometimes the wild stirs up the longing within you – tempts you to make plans and to travel and to go places at the spur of the moment.

Sometimes the wild shows up just to remind you that there is wild within you.

This wild shouldn’t be forgotten amongst your neatly boxed schedules and the routine you set for yourself.

Sometimes the wild helps you to break out and feel its beauty, to welcome it, rather than run from it.

And just as the wild appears with a vibrant force, it drifts back into the desert where it came from.

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Alison Climes

Alison is a curious spirit who loves to travel to unfamiliar places and meet new people. She believes that everyone has a story and appreciates hearing people speak their truths as she continues on her own journey to discover her voice. As an educator, she aims to help students identify their own strengths and develop a strong sense of self while also working to become active citizens engaged in their communities and working towards social justice. She has a deep love for the Great Lakes in her home state of Michigan, but she often longs for the vast, unique beauty of the Sonoran Desert.

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