By Karen Nelson Mangold POETIC JUSTICE

I Am Woman, Warrior & The Dark Goddess & Till The End Will I Fight


I am a mother
Face glistening in labor
Ring of fire, transition
Rebirthing my soul
I am a hurricane
Tossing and turning
Wind and rain-soaked
Waves ripping the shore
I am a seedling
Deeply planted in soil
Stretching my self
In search of the sun
I am an alchemist
Mercury in my cauldron
I am lapis philosophirum
The Philosopher’s stone
I am the Dark Goddess
My eyes glow with fire
Like a banshee, I shriek
With my arms full of skulls
I am a woman
I bleed with the moon
I cry for the broken
My voice sings the tune
Of the ones who before me
Held sacred the way
For our human salvation
For our children, I pray
I am a Warrior
A bringer of light
I will lay down my body
Till the end will I fight
I will wake up the sleeping
I will guide every man,
every woman and child
I will hold out my hand
Together we’ll walk
To the edge of the tide
And into the heavens
On Long ships will we ride
To the new Mother Gaia
We will float to the shore
Only love will be spoken,
And hate will be no more.

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Karen’s Heart Howl:
Meditate. Live purely. Be quiet. Do your work with mastery. 
Like the moon, come out from behind the clouds…

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The She Book

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Karen Nelson Mangold

Karen Nelson Mangold is a writer and poet from Ocean Gate, NJ. In addition to writing she wears a gazillion other hats including mama, teacher, merry prankster and soup maker. A gypsy nomad at heart, she has been collecting tales for her upcoming books, Tales from the Tribe, and Faceplant Buddhas. Karen writes to ignite the light of peace in the world.

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