By Sophie Gregoire HOLY FIRE

Have The Passion To Say Yes To Your Heart & Forget About What Is Socially Acceptable


“Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.”
—Oscar Wilde

My dear, tell me what you truly like. I don’t want the ornamented lies and embellished words we usually use in society that make sure you remain within the boundaries of the socially acceptable.

Stop pretending by saying what they want to hear. I want your truth. However disturbing, weird, unusual, flawed or serious it could be.

Yes, I want to hear your dreams. The ones you’ve tagged as foolish and unreasonable. Your artist fantasies. What shakes you and twirls inside your belly. What used to light up your child’s eyes. What you do while procrastinating when no one is around. What you wish you could do if you had enough time or money.

If anything was possible.

Instead of holding your passion back, name it. Stand for it, it’s your flag. Give your full energy to make it palpable, real. That may be a long road, but worth the try.

Tell me how you feel. What you’ve concealed in your guts. The retained emotions, the silenced shouts, the controlled tears, the hidden euphoria.

Embrace it, don’t fight it, they are you.

“She is mad but she is magic. There is no lie in her fire.”
—Charles Bukowski

Anyway, you won’t be able to control your emotions forever. They won’t go away, no matter how hard you may struggle against it. You need to lift the veil on your other side if you want to breathe fully.

You’re allowed to stop playing a role. Especially when your voice shakes.

Honey, I do love you as you are. Yes, I love your scars, your ancient dramas. They’ve shaped you, they say how you ended up here. Without them, you would simply be someone else.

You are gorgeous precisely because you have gone through this and you still stand bravely in Life. That’s the resilience in you that I love. From that darkness, you’ve built your swords.

No, you don’t look more fragile now that I know everything. You look real. On the contrary, the mould itself was making yourself frail. Trying to become someone else, you have been sleeping, step by step, losing your composure.

It’s time to come back to yourself. You only need your words, interests and passions, your own life arms, light and fire to become who you are. Not more. Not less.

What if you speak your voice too loud? What if you go too far from what society expects?

Most people around you may not be able to follow their heart as you do. They might not feel confident enough to speak their truth. Possibly, they may envy you because you seem to be building your own dreams. While they don’t.

You will first need to put the fake away, to tear off the masks. And let your inner power break the armour you had built so carefully.

Then, don’t stop on your way. Every day, every step, try to get closer to your truth. Listen to it, understand it and progressively make it real. When in doubt, relax, breath, take your time. Don’t forget you’ll need time to put the armour away, get out of it, and gently give shape to the new you.

Little by little, you will get closer to yourself. You’ll feel your harmony and strength grow on the inside.

That’s the best, or shall I say unique, way for honouring your soul and reaching your highest potentials.

I’ll be standing right here, next to you. Watching you bloom. You will dazzle, for sure, darling. You will, when your inner-self lives fully.

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