Allow Your Broken Wings The Time They Need To Heal


I’m on the ground. It’s cold and dark, and I can feel the cool night air, brushing over me.

Why am I here? How did this happen? I’m not understanding.

The moon is casting a dull light on my nest. I can see my nest above me. Did I fall? Did I jump? Was I pushed? I feel nothing. I can’t move. My eyes are closing.

I woke the next morning to the sun on my back and the cool ground beneath my feet. I had an intoxicating feeling of shock. I was still on the ground, not in my nest. I was injured, broken.

The pain began to sweep over me and consume my entire body. I looked up to my nest and began to cry out for help. The other bird looked down at me from the nest and didn’t speak.

“Help me! I need to get back up to you, to my nest. Please help me! Fix me, so I can return.”

The bird in the nest said, “I want to, but I don’t know if I can.” And he sat, resting in the nest. My body began to shake with despair. The night closed in and I slept.

I woke the next day, again with the sun on my back and the cool ground beneath my feet. I couldn’t move. I tried, but sat shocked, in total fear of my surroundings.

How do I move, how do I move…? I tried my wings and they hurt. I tried again and they hurt more. I was frail. I couldn’t find myself food, and I was starving and weak. I closed my eyes.

I heard sounds — singing — and could see a tree, alive with movement. How do I get there?

My nest that we had built together — gathering piece by piece through storms and with love — was still there, but looked so different.

It was dull, strewn — it was empty.

As the days passed, my wings slowly began to get stronger and stronger, and the more strength I found, the more light I could see.

I could smell, hear, and feel the warmth of the sun within me. Then I moved…I lifted…and then I flew.

I flew to the tree with the singing birds, busy with life, laughter, and love.

I was whole. I was strong. I was free.

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Kim Mackay


I am 45 years old and from Auckland NZ. I am a jewellery designer inspired by Wicca and all things Goddess. Every day I feel blessed to be alive. After a truly beautiful and inspiring trip to London and Paris in 2015, I suffered a life threatening medical event (Pulmonary Embolis, 2 lung clots) on the flight back home to NZ. Surviving this brought me a renewed perspective on life, and an openness to everything it brings. During my recovery, I turned to nature and crystals for healing and found an intense pull to return to the Witch and the power it had to heal myself and others. Wicken was born from this and I started to design and research the pieces for my first collection "the White Witch". My journey back to wellness was as much about healing my mind and spirit as it was my body, and the symbols woven into every Wicken piece are at the heart of that. They’re my chance to send out into the world a powerful, yet beautiful piece of jewellery to help women uncover their own strength and beauty. See more on Facebook and Instagram.

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