By Shane Robitaille POETIC JUSTICE

Today Is Perfect For Living, Laughing & Loving Hard


Today is finally the day.
It is finally here.
The day to start doing what
you’ve been dreaming of for years.

You finally have no bills to pay.
Your body is perfect and strong.
Your mind is clear and ready to learn.
Today you can do no wrong.

The “one day” you’ve always talked about.
The “some day” when your schedule’s free.
The “some how” is all figured out.
You can finally be all you can be.

You’re rested and wide-awake.
Your life is free of clutter.
You’ve got no commitments.
You’ve got the perfect lover.

The sun and stars have aligned.
You are finally in charge.
Your future is perfectly mapped out.
Your bank account is large.

The responsibilities you had
are finally in the past.
The day you’ve dreamed about is here.
Now you can start living fast.

Today you have no obligations.
All distractions have disappeared.
Your soul is craving this now.
You can finally start living without fear.

But you suddenly wake up in a cold sweat.
You open your tired eyes and feel betrayed.
That perfect day in the future never happened.
But there is always today.

Today is perfect for living, laughing, loving hard.
No more “one day”, “some day”, or “some how”.
Walk outside and take a deep breath.
The time is right for living now.

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