I See You Giving All You Have – When Will You Give To You?


I see you.
I see you holding your head up high, moving through your day.
I see you making lunches, kissing your man goodbye, getting ready for work.
I see you holding your child’s hand walking her to school.
I see you bend down to her eye level, comforting her, listening to her, encouraging her to be brave and to walk into the room.
I see you walk away, ready for a day at work.
I see you giving all you have,
to your clients,
to your husband,
to your children,
to your family,
to your friends and neighbors.
I see you doing this with a smile and with grace.
I see you.

I see you.
I see you with your head in your hands.
I see you on the brink of tears.
I see you wishing time would slow down, just a little.
I see you looking around you, the house a mess, dishes to be done, laundry to be folded.
I see you looking at your bank account, almost there, almost there.
I see you looking at your bookshelf, there must be a book there that can help you.
I want you to want to reach out, you want to do it on your own, because that’s what good mamas do, that’s what good wives, good daughters, good friends, good sisters do. They give, and they stand strong.
I see your despair.
I see your loneliness.
I see your exhaustion.
I see you.

I see you.
I see you get up from the floor.
I see you take your head out of your hands and shake yourself off.
I see you pull yourself “together”.
I see you taking a deep breath and picking up the phone to call your client, smile on your face again, heart still breaking.
I see you giving all you have to your client, to your children, to your husband, your family, your friends.
I see you.

When will I see you give to you?

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