By Sophia Holly MIND RISE

Our Bodies Are Not Toxic But Textured Landscapes Of Wonder


I don’t need to detox this spring because my body is not toxic.
My body is a miraculous landscape covered in peaks and valleys.
Sprinkled with constellations of freckles and patterns of hair.

There are smooth parts like a sandy shore, and dry parts like a cracked desert.

My body is water.
My body undulates like the sea, and cries like a rainy day.
My body has strength, sturdy like a redwood.
My body is both rigid like a rock, and fragile like falling snow.
My body is cold.
My body is warm.
My body is a landscape eager to be explored.
My body is not dirty.

It is not something that needs to be cleansed.
It needs to be loved unconditionally.
It needs to be nourished.
It needs to slow down.
It needs to be heard.

My body needs to be held when it gets bigger or smaller.
My body needs a warm embrace and so does yours.

Our bodies are not toxic.
Our bodies are landscapes of many colors.

We need to treat our bodies like an eighth wonder of the world.
With awe, respect and admiration.
With loyalty and joy.

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be brave


Sophia Holly

Sophia is a Brooklyn based Yoga teacher and Body Image Activist. She began practicing yoga in college to heal injuries from long distance running, overtime it evolved into a head over heels love affair. Eventually, it was a huge force in the recovery of an eating disorder. Through the classes that she teaches, the pieces she writes, and the way she lives her life, she promotes unconditional love for ones body. She believes that making peace with your body is an important step in making peace with yourself - this translates to peace in the world. When she isn't teaching or writing, she works as a nanny, reads as much as possible, and finds the smiles and laughs in everyday life.

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