Get The Gifts Of This Year’s Last Super Full Moon & Mercury Retrograde Period


“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”
~ Paraphrased from the teachings of the Buddha

The energies that are being brought to us right now in the form of the Super Full Moon (Sunday 3rd December 2017 at 15:46 GMT) are so exciting, and I am also very thrilled at the fact that Mercury goes into Retrograde on the same day.

This is big news for those of us on the Authentic Self journey! Think of this time as your soul’s Call to Action to you.

The biggest gift you can give yourself at this Super Full Moon is allowing your soul to speak to you and then heeding that empowering inner voice.

I love Moon Energy. Everything in our lives happens in cycles and the moon is the epitome of a perfect marker for cycles. The Full Moon is traditionally a time to release all that does not serve our Highest Good and the New Moon is a wonderful time to set intentions to bring in the energy that will serve our Highest Good.

This is the last Full Moon of the year, and it is heightened energy in the form of a Super Full Moon. Although it is heightened, it will not be as intense as the energy of November.

Do remember though, that ultimately, this Super Full Moon brings with it the wonderful opportunity of illuminating the last cycle in our lives, which is the eleven months of this year that has just passed. You can use this energy to undertake an honest review of 2017. What has worked for you? What hasn’t? What lessons did you learn and how will you use them going forward?

If November was our rollercoaster, December will be our reflection of what that rollercoaster felt like and what it was about.

That reflection will be like an opening chapter of our 2017 review, and we will go back and look at all the rollercoasters that came before that. This does have the potential to bring about confusion if we are not seeing through the lens of Authentic Truth.

Steve Jobs knew what he was talking about when he said, “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward.”

One of the reasons why we need to be present in our here and now is so that when we look back on the pivotal moments of our lives, we will have the ability to connect the dots and learn from the lessons of the past.

There are many layers to Authentic Truth, unlike Ego Truth which is starkly about the surface. The current challenge for us is to see the bigger picture and not react to what appears to be surface truth.

The Moon Energy will give us the Gift of Illumination, and Mercury Retrograde will give us the Gift of Introspection. Use these gifts wisely, Beloved Ones, to see beyond the surface and to sift through the layers. All is not what it seems on the surface. To reach deeper depths and our highest potential, we must be willing to change our perspective in order to do the work it involves.

It would also be beneficial to look at the intentions that you set at the previous New Moon and everything that has passed between then and now. It is all connected.

The Zuni Indians referred to this time of the year as the “sun has traveled home to rest”. It is almost time to put this year to bed, but not just yet.

See and listen with your heart, Beloved Ones, and go within to find your Authentic Truth. This is what you will need as the bridge between the ending of 2017 and the beginning of 2018. This will give you your desired elevation into the New Year but the choice must be yours.

For more self-study, The Urban Howl recommends Llewellyn’s 2016 Moon Sign Book: Conscious Living by the Cycles of the Moon (Llewellyn’s Moon Sign Books).

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Lalita Simon-Creasey

Lalita Simon-Creasey has been a rebel all her life and struggles to conform to what the world wants her to be. She has an intense passionate love affair with walking as much as she can as her Authentic Self and this is why she loves her life’s purpose so much. As a Medium and Way Shower, she guides people on transformative Soul Quests to uncover their Authentic Self within. When she is not talking to people about Authentic Selves, she shares her divinely inspired soulful insights on her Facebook page with the purpose to inspire her readers to be the change they want to see. She also runs a household that seems chaotic and messy at times but with a perfectly content husband and two children who, like her, don’t seem to conform all that well either! You can also connect with Lalita at Soulful Insights on Facebook or Instagram.

  1. Elizabeth Levine

    Beautifully said and I will carry this with me, dear Lalita. Much love to you and yours!

  2. Victoria Plum

    Brilliant article! Thanks Lalita 🙏

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