You’re Not Just A Mess Or Just A Woman — You’re A Force Of Nature


You forgot, didn’t you?
You’re not just a mess.
You’re not just a woman barely holding it together while muttering curses under your breath. You’re not just heartbroken, sad, tired, or lost.
You’re a force of nature
Gathering strength like a cyclone
Your hair in tangles
Emotions coming in gusts
Dragons panting from the fire of your breath
Falcons diving at a thousand miles an hour
When you shake your hips
As the past peels off
As you dive deeper, deeper
And face it all
The gritty pearls of this life—
The pain
The horror
The loves lost
The loves gone terribly wrong
The pain, yes, the pain
The pain you inflicted on your Self because you didn’t remember.
Because you thought you were worthless
Because you didn’t know you deserved plushness and nectar
Because you forgot.
But you remember now, and that changes everything.
The pain was just your initiation.
It was dipping your toes in the exquisite salt waters of your becoming.
There is a pulse, a song
You’ve been dancing to
Writing his whole time
And it’s not small.
It’s glittering, it’s grandiose, it’s soaked in truth and seeded in stars
Your rising is imminent
It is written in stone
Your rising was guaranteed by the fire you kept alive
Even when you didn’t know that’s what you were doing.
Because you remember now.
You remember dancing naked
You remember flying
You remember hearing the whispered secrets of trees
You remember taking the ache and making it into gold
You remember kissing plants and pressing herbs to your skin.
You remember the shiver of divine knowledge swirling in the palms of your hands like fragrant oils
What makes you powerful
Is that you know you know
And your vow to the heart of the earth, to the sublime green of the grass, to your Self
Not to forget anymore.
You’re a witch
A wild woman
Maybe they’ve called you a bitch
Crazy for knowing that you know; for feeling what you feel.
You’re a radical woman.
You’re medicine.
You’re so potent, honey, and that was always true.
You’re a phoenix.
A healer.
A destroyer, because you’re a creator.
You’re a wise woman.
You’re made of prayers and stitched of earthly power.
You give birth in the blink of your eyes when no one is looking.
You’ve kissed Kali and died to shed your skin a thousand times.
A priestess.
A queen.
A mother.
A mermaid.
A wisdom keeper.
A warrior.
A lover.
An alchemist.
And a poet.
All you need to do
Is dip your head back
And let the nectar of the cosmos spill into you
As it’s done a thousand times before
Your bones remember
Your blood remembers
What it is to taste of the earth and smell of the sky
What it is to slink your body like a snake
And divine the fate of nations with your dance
What it is to feel, to taste, to breathe, to be so acutely alive.
You are ancient
Wise, supple and wild—
You are meant to flood the back of horses with your long hair and naked body
Galloping into the forest
As you listen carefully
To the hushed pulse of the river
The crescendos of the trees
The stillness of the meadows
The sweet songs of the fairies
You remember.
And you remember your sisters, as well.
Stand with them.
They surround you, in a circle
With candles
And support as plush as velvet
And tears that shimmer under the light of the full moon
Because it feels so belligerently good
And you come home to the earth
To your luscious body
To each other
To the magic pressed inside you since forever.
The very human magic we all are.
Because you don’t need to hide anymore.
Your magic is free,
You are free.
You stand tall now, aligned with your power, aligned with the earth.
And that changes everything.
You feel it—
Do you not?
This fresh, dewy emerging.
This boisterous birth.
The way we are waking up, together.
In yawns, whispers, moans and howls
So take your first free breath in centuries
It is safe
Take your first free step
You are beholden
Only the to the rhythm of the earth
And the wisdom that crashes inside.
Let no other lord over you.
“Because now she remembers,” the sky pours out to you in poems lined with sapphire arms.
Let it be a declaration—
It echoes all over your skin.
It used to taste like pain
Now it tastes like the salt and blood of wisdom.
It tastes like rising.
It is the prayer that resounds on the lips of the earth—
“Because now she remembers.”
Let it be a declaration
That shakes the trees
That vibrates through every blade of grass
And every pain
And every tear
And every hope
As it echoes and echoes
And makes the fragile places you inside weep with pure joy.
You are home.
“Because now she remembers.”
Let it be the mantra of the Great Mother.
Let it be the fire
The truth
The love
That drips into the cracks and crevices of everything
At the tenderest
You are home.
You are free.
Your magic

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Sarah L. Harvey

Sarah L. Harvey resides in the mysterious mountains of Western North Carolina. She splits her time between pursuing a Master’s in Counseling, writing poetry, teaching, coaching women, belly dancing, and studying plant magic and mysticism. She believes in the beauty of a broken heart. She believes in the ruby blood of resilience. She believes in the power of our truth to transform our lives. She believes we all have access to the most potent version of our selves. We just have to step into the doorway. We just have to begin the journey, from exactly where we are now. For more of Sarah’s work or to schedule a coaching session, visit her website.

  1. Tena Waters

    This is absolutely everything! Thank you for your beautiful soul.❤️

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