It’s Time to Celebrate Our Artists & The Beauty They Bring To Our World


When did the starving artist become someone to be admired, something to be expected?

There was a time when art was celebrated, when artists from all the creative fields were supported, encouraged, and even honored.

And while I love this present moment in time, while I think we are, as a whole, only getting better and better, while I believe with all my heart that we are growing into an even more caring, open-minded, loving and inclusive society and race — I do wish that we could remember how important the role of the artist is in this world.

The artist brings us hope, he brings us joy, he evokes the long-forgotten secrets of our soul.

With his work, he can move us to tears, laughter, love, and appreciation.

A piece of art, whether written, sculptured, painted, or spoken has the ability to transport us from one realm to another in an instant.

The artist delivers beauty, brings us inspiration, moves and motivates us to feel, to experience, to be more of ourselves. To embrace our “muchness”.

And our part in this creative process? All we need to do is encourage him, to applaud him, to appreciate him for reminding us of all that is possible.

There are so many ways these days that we can do this. It’s no longer just the role of Kings, Popes (who may well have had their own reasons), or the very wealthy. We can all be a part of this movement to encourage our artists to shine their light brightly, to share their gifts with the world, to give the world the beauty and inspiration we all need and desire.

Etsy, local artists, your community markets — the avenues are endless.

Kickstarter, Patreon, Crowdfunding. All these and so many more places are out there doing their best to help people follow their passion, to make a living from what they love.

And if you are an artist, please share your work with us.

Tell us what you do.
Do your part in the promotion of you.
We need to see your work.
We need to be inspired by it, touched and moved.

Please don’t give up to do something more “worthy”.
Please don’t give it up to make a living.
Please don’t give up on you.

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be brave


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