The Conundrum Of Healing


We do need to go inside to heal,
and yet,
if all we find there is grief, shame, fear etc,
then how can we heal?

The answer is by activating the emotional healing mechanisms
we were born with.

Particularly our capacity for crying,
and healthy anger release.

If we activate both of those wings,
we will find our way through the pain
to a self-loving inner world.

We will shed the overwhelm of self-hatred.

Yet if we only activate one wing…
crying but not angering,
angering but not crying…
we keep ourselves trapped
inside a limited range of feeling.

We need both wings of expression
to free ourselves from this wall of pain.

In many ways,
and I realize that this is an over-generalization,
this is how our polarized gender conditioning
locked us inside of our own suffering.

Men could anger, but not cry.

Women could cry, but not anger.

And so we ended up mutually imbalanced.

This is why the gender-inclusivity revolution
is essential to our collective healing.
If we can shed these limiting ideas of gender
(and any other polarized notions of self),
we can shed our reliance on limited pathways of expression and finally heal.

All polarized conditionings
prevent us from healing and wholeness.

If you can only be one aspect of yourself,
you cannot heal the whole.

The way to true healing
is to grant everyone the permission to be,
and to feel,
all that they are.

Jeff is the author of Soulshaping: A Journey of Self-Creation, Ascending with Both Feet on the Ground: Words to Awaken your Heart and An Uncommon Bond.

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