Wonder: Feeling The Magic In Our Circus Act of Life


My life
Is a high wire
Tightrope act
Performed without a net

It’s a circus
Complete with clowns
And a car with too many things
And too little space

It’s a contortionist act
Of reaching the toy
Fallen just behind my seat
While navigating traffic

It’s early morning juggling
And late-night death-defying tricks
To manage baths
And bedtime
And late-night fevers

My life
Never sleeps in
Never stops
So that I can catch my breath

My life
Is a business
With budget meetings of one
And seduction scheduled
Between soccer practice
And ballet and school plays

It’s assignments completed
Only to be due again tomorrow

It’s work
Without sick days
I take it home with me
I work on vacation
I clock in
And never clock out

And the employees
Plan revolts over vegetables
And strike over pajamas
And which movie they want to watch

My life
Is beautiful
And exhausting
And filled with magic

It’s spectacle
And heartache
And wonder
So much wonder

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