By Thayne Ulschmid WAKING WILD

Take Off Your Masks & Feel What It Means To Be Alive


Life takes us on this mysterious ride, demanding all of our time and attention, while we are given clues to this marvelous game of choice.

This dance precludes the perilous nature of mind and heart — spirit and body, interacting on subtle levels, orchestrating this symphony we’re abiding in so intrinsically.

Our waking day should consist of doing something we find joy in — passion and inspiration — whatever compels us through each endurance race. Occupation aside, we can discover healthier outlets, lending to healthier mentalities, emotional intelligence (and integrity), ability to guide one’s self toward their carefully chosen (and sometimes spontaneous) avenues of pursuit.

There is no pause button and the movie is being filmed right now. No rehearsals, nothing to prepare us for what’s next, other than what we have in our possession here and now, to act with accordingly. Learning to live within our means is a way to really embrace and enact simple lifestyle activities that will impact us just enough to persist amidst our darkest days.

Some of my most challenging periods that I’d best describe as my own awakening metamorphosis period, inspired me — catapulted me out from the depths of despair and into the light of day — facing it with basic human functions. Walking became a way for me to settle my rampant mind and ill-will toward some of the circumstances I’d found myself in.

Eventually accepting where I had led my life, it became much easier to appreciate what is before us, and what is unnecessary to continue propping up in this culturally-suffocating persona.

One mask after another, taken off in humiliation of my own self. Realizing just how vast the construct of ego truly is.

As this awareness infiltrates our lives and the facade begins to crumble, we can experience any range of upset or liberation, etc. It seems to occur in reverberations throughout time. Exacting time periods, I’ve observed. There is no evading the lessons — the choice, remaining ever ours, to simply shift our perception and potentially, direction in waking life — altering the course of our existence.

Subtle changes can make large wakes in a person’s life if they are daring enough to embolden the outcome. Which means we must work toward that which inspires, each day, no matter how much or little. Even if it interrelates or is entirely separate from whatever we wish to achieve over time. It’s all a process and this is what life grants us the opportunity to experience and enliven our nature to the fullest potential imaginable.

Fear plays a role in stunting our spiritual growth. Conversely, it can propel us if we so choose to face the illusion. The source of that belief is inborn. Transmutable at its source, once we’re willing to forgive it — forgive ourselves and anyone else we perceived, who might have influenced the outcome.

So to wake up within one’s life and consciously decide how we wish to perform in this waking play, is a gift.

There is so much opportunity for so many of us and it only requires motive force. What is the motive? “It brings me joy.” “It’s my chosen field.” Whatever it may be that summons life-force through us and compels us to act. Once we’ve done this long enough, we begin to realize and eventually accept that all of these fears dissipate upon facing them.

Our individual journey unveils all kinds of wondrous and undeniable synchronicities that guide us through this waking mystery. As we shed these layers of ego and mind-construct or false-belief systems, we realize — actually feeling the visceral nature of what it means to be alive, awake, and aware. Enlightened, yet perfectly naive and in perfect harmony with all that is.

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Thayne Ulschmid is an awakening wanderer, traversing this earth plane with the singular motive to explore every potentiating avenue of life that excites his unfathomable consciousness and propels him through this modern landscape. Writing is an affluent measure of inborn expression that largely reveals itself in each moment. He loves photography, nature and all of the unsung grandeur and beauty that is right before us each day, no matter where we reside. Connect with him on Instagram or Facebook to view more of his work. Thayne is an avid practitioner of healing work and plant medicine.

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