By Keri Mangis MIND RISE

Freeing Our Untapped Souls To Live Our Divine Inspiration


“If being crazy means living life as if it matters, then I don’t mind being completely insane.” ~ April Wheeler, “Revolutionary Road”

For just a few minutes, allow yourself to indulge in a flight of disembodied imagination.

Imagine your soul — your essence, your spirit, your innermost reality — existing somewhere and sometime before this lifetime began.

She’s not yet grounded on this earth, not yet embodied in your body. Maybe she has a name, like mine does. Maybe she has a companion, or a spirit guide assisting her, like mine does. Maybe she’s made of smoke and fire, like mine is.

Picture your soul, before the beginning of this lifetime, ready to take a leap to live a human life of wholeness, excitement, and wonder. Previously she’s lived as a star, a tree, a bird, an ocean wave. Maybe it’s been a long time since she’s lived a human life. Or maybe she has just completed her most recent human incarnation.

This is your soul’s journey. This is your soul’s cosmic story. Ask her to tell you about it.

Imagine your soul, readying herself for the upcoming journey, dreaming of possibility and manifestation.

Imagine your soul, packing her suitcase with some things she’ll need to live a life of possibility and manifestation. She’ll not pack ordinary human things, but soul tools such as intuition, curiosity, imagination, and compassion.

Imagine your soul, dreaming about the multitude of ways she could spur on human evolution, wisdom, and growth through its own unique touches and creative expressions.

Imagine your soul, ready to make some shit move and shake on earth. Imagine your soul, overflowing with the courage to do just that.

Connect with your soul, this part of you that began before we did, that dreamed before we did.

And then, imagine this beautiful soul of yours, this whole, magical, divine soul coming into this body, growing up, and, just when she’s reaching the pinnacle of life, the time when she could begin spinning the magic she came here to spin, she’s told she needs to fit in, be quiet, and act normally.

Imagine your soul being informed that, for her own good, she needs to fit into one of society’s prepared molds. That she must aspire to objective measures of success set by others. That she should just follow along, because everything that needed to be created has already been created, and everything that needed to be said has already been said.

Imagine your soul — for months, years, lifetimes — being pushed aside so that our ego can feel bigger, more included, and readily accepted. We agree to this, because we don’t want to risk making anyone feel uncomfortable, or smash the shared lie that of course, everything is fine, just fine, thanks for asking.

But it’s not fine. It hasn’t been fine. And we do want to smash that lie.

Imagine your soul watching from a distance as life goes on without her input, her gifts, her divine inspiration.

Now, feel your heartbreak and sadness at your soul stuck holding so much untapped possibility.

What you feel is your soul’s heartbreak and sadness at being stifled, ignored, diminished, and sidelined.

The untapped soul is, in my mind, our most prevalent human dis-ease.

The untapped soul lies behind our societal anxiety and depression. The untapped soul is the reason so many of us are discontent, reaching for short-term solutions that only serve to distance us further from our soul. The untapped soul is why we don’t see more progress happening on earth (and it could be argued that quite the opposite is happening) in the areas of environment, human rights, and equality.

This, a life of the untapped soul, is the reality for countless, probably the majority, of human beings on our planet right now. Too many of us — all wild creatives on the inside — lead quiet, complacent, agreeable, standard-issue lives on the outside. Too many of us have come to believe that we are here to “go along to get along.” Too many of us have neglected our soul, the part of us who has only creation on her mind and only magic in her touch.

Being normal, fitting in, not causing any trouble — these things might reward our ego. They might even reward our checking account. But these same things are poison to our soul. Not only that, but normality, and the ways of life that come with it — complacency, passivity, irrelevancy — impede our human evolution.

My soul has used depression, anxiety, chronic hives, and autoimmune diseases to get my attention, to get me to commit to the work she came here to do.

How is your unique soul trying to get your attention? How has she done so in the past? What happened when you listened? What happened when you didn’t? See the patterns, and the call of our soul behind them. Nothing is inconsequential.

The message is simply this: we did not come into this body to be quiet, safe, and unnoticeable. No soul takes that leap of faith into a human body, and then decides that silencing itself is the best way to spend a handful of decades.

We did not come here with a plan to be agreeable and manipulatable. We came to disrupt and tear down the old, while creating and manifesting the new.

We did not come here to be normal and fit in. We came to dance, sing, play, and make a difference on this earth, however your soul defines that difference.

Our soul did not come here only to not really be here.

Our soul came to be set free.

Our soul took a blind leap for us. It’s time we take a leap on behalf of our soul.

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Keri Mangis

Keri Mangis, on the surface, might seem a gentle yet candid introvert. But peel back a layer and you'll uncover an inquisitive explorer of the internal and external realms. Peel back yet another layer and you might see a brave visionary pioneering her own brand of spiritual revolution. Keri has studied and/or taught yoga, Ayurveda, herbal medicine, energy work, aromatherapy, Buddhism, Hinduism, Tantra, Christianity, and other spiritual teachings and healing modalities that have sparked her endless curiosity. She is currently a freelance writer/speaker whose work has appeared in Elephant Journal, The Urban Howl, Essential Wellness, The Edge Magazine, The Good Men Project, The Sunlight Press, and Rebelle Society as well as on her own blog. Keri's first book, an inspirational memoir entitled Embodying Soul: A Return to Wholeness - A Memoir of New Beginnings will be published on Valentine's Day, 2020. Her podcast, Awaken Your Power, is available on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, and more. For more information on her work, please visit her website, and sign up for her newsletter, the Power Source.

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