New Moon — Whatever You Do Today, Don’t Let It Be At The Cost Of Your Beautiful Heart


“Whatever you do, child,
do not let it be at the cost of your beautiful heart.”
~ Ming-Jun, “Sense8”

This line. This line says it so beautifully: Whatever you do today, do not let it be at the cost of your beautiful heart.

Before you compromise with your workmate, your boss, your partner, I want you to look into your heart and ask her what she wants.
Before you once again put everything before your art, look into your heart.
Before you say yes to be nice, breathe into your heart and ask it if that yes is making something else be a no.
Before you hide yourself.
Before you dim your light.
Before you shrink down.
Before you tone down.
Before you laugh a little softer.
Before you censor your speech.
Before you do the work rather than create your art.
Before you stop to consider if you should really say what you think, be who you want to be, want what you want.

Before you do any or all of these things today, consider the cost to your beautiful heart.
It’s breaking.
It’s aching.
It’s yearning.

Your hopes, your dreams, your desires, they’re all in your heart. That’s where they begin and that’s where they grow.

The more you ignore them, the more you close your heart down.
Because what else can you do?
The pain of knowing you’re not living your life, living your purpose, living your dream would be too, well, heartbreaking.
The more you put everyone else’s needs before your own, the more you block the flow of love from and to your heart.
The more you say yes to others when it means no to your art, to your message, to your purpose, the harder your heart gets.
It needs to.
It’s protecting itself, which I know you understand.

Without our heart, without our softness, without our love, what are we?
Without our message, without our purpose, without our art, what do are we doing?

We can keep living this half-lived life.
We can keep pretending that we’re happy, that all is well.
We can keep going on like this until the day we can’t.

But do you want to?
Is that how you want to live?

I don’t believe it is, and I don’t think you believe it either.

You know you are here for more and you know the difference you’re here to make.
And you and I both know that you need that beautiful heart open wide, whole and complete to do it.

So whatever you do today, please, please, please don’t let it be at the cost of your beautiful heart.

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