Song Of The Wild Woman: Dancing Through The Shadows & The Light


She’s dancing in the sunlit rain.
That space in life where both happy and sad coexist.

Sad at the hurt that befell,
but happy to learn its lessons and live another day.
The drops freely fall down her face
as a testament of reality.
She knows that only by allowing
the hurt to exist
and closely examining it
does she have hope of its healing.

She embraces it.
“Thank you for teaching me,”
she whispers.
She breathes slowly in and out.
Hurt doesn’t define her.
It’s part of her experience.

The dance is part of her ritual —
to love herself through the hard places.
sometimes all she can do
is take a break for a bit
to love herself extra loudly.

Learning to sit
in the dark,
in the pain,
in the healing,
in the rain
is hard work.

So hard that not all will brave it.
Some think if they ignore it,
it’ll go away…
If they shut themselves away,
it’ll hurt less.

That’s not how it works —
at least not for her.
So she sings her stories
of love and loss
connecting with like souls
through their shadows and their lights.

And so forms many a tribe of wild women.

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