By Dr. Jennifer Marie Lane HOLY FIRE

The Sacred Work Of Three — Beyond Comfort, Beyond Shore & Into Great Mystery


New Year Blessings!

And so, we begin again. The turning of the calendar year comes with a collective turning towards transformation and boy, it’s time for that! However, true transformation takes us to an uncomfortable edge that we may want to back away from — this is the ego’s way of maintaining safety and security in the known.

I learned from birthing my son, Taliesin, that there are transformative stages in life where we can no longer turn back or deny what must be done. I chose to give birth at home. Though I was open to intervention if necessary, I went in with full faith, present with all that arose physically, mentally, heart-fully, spiritually, and soulfully.

The birth was a journey through many barriers. Holy, Blessed Mother was my guide and fiercest threshold guardian throughout. She breathed me through every contraction. But, She would not let me pass all the way through until I fully, honestly met the inner obstacles to transformation and ultimately, birth.

I encountered reluctance to giving up the maiden period of life, resistance to sharing Taliesin’s journey, fear of being completely torn apart, and more — so much more.

On the other side of labor was an unimaginable joy. On the other side was the greatest love. On the other side was a Mother who rose up to nurture her son as well as her inner child — the Maiden didn’t go away, she just took her rightful place (not in the driver’s seat).

See, there are times in life when we must go in fully, no holds barred…when we absolutely can’t give up. There is life on the other side. We must go through. All the way.

Whatever it is. You can do it. If you must. And you must.

So, what must you do? (Not, what should you do!) The answer goes way beyond your to-do lists and New Year’s intentions.

This quest takes you into your Grail Codes — the reasons your soul incarnated in this body with this particular set of parents and DNA codes. This quest takes you to your edge and beyond, bodily and soulfully.

The body and soul are connected in both mysterious and tangible ways. As we live more soul-fully, our bodies respond and shift at a genetic level — we actually change our genetic patterning (through epigenetics) and these code changes are passed on to future generations.

I can only hope and pray that by the time I conceived my son, the soul work my husband and I did was enough to help him shift the trajectory of the Sacred Masculine in relation to the Divine Feminine. Now, the work we continue to do as a Sacred Three will continue to transform all of us, as well as our collective future.

Know that the work you do on yourself is impactful.

There is a mantra for this — the heart sutra: gate, gate, paragate, parasamgate, bodhi svaha. My interpretation of the heart sutra for this time in our collective evolution is: “Here and far beyond the furthest shore, our path of awakening frees all.”

So, find your way. A path without a map is waiting for you to dream it into being, and perhaps clear it for others to join you for a time. This life is a quest — go forth beyond comfort, beyond the known, beyond the furthest shore, and into the Great Mystery.

  1. LOVE This!!! Thank you! Beautiful blessings for you and Taliesen and Dr. Mike. Love. xo <3

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