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Magical Creature, Trust Your Intuition & Use Your Senses


There is talk of Magic and Alchemy and “The Craft” everywhere. There is a Rise of understanding of ancient ways and our own intuitive knowing, even among the smallest town mommy-and-me groups. New moon circles and self-ritual are no longer taboo topics.

This is very exciting! As more and more people come into connection with the universe and all its energy, our options for community and kinship expands. Our perception of the world and its ways start to take on a different reality. And we end up with a foot on both sides of the proverbial veil — experiencing the esoteric energy side, but still needing to go to work, buy milk, and pay taxes.

Navigating these two sides and weaving them together is where real change happens.

We were born with all the tools we need to whip up batches of magic and alchemize our lives. The universe we are connected to resides within our own cells. We don’t need special words, wands, cauldrons, or herbs.

These things are fabulous and can add to the magic of your rituals but they are not necessary. Your senses and your intuition are the greatest tools for weaving everyday life with the universal magic all around us.

Consider any large spiritual action you’re trying to manifest. The amount of time spent on rituals and intention-setting is minimal compared to the time in our day we spend just trying to live on this planet. We need to find other practical ways to intertwine our daily human lives and our spiritual intentions.

For example, if I am working on letting go of trauma or feelings from an old relationship, I will perform my regular rituals of writing them down and burning them, meditation, and processing trauma. But I will also take time to start going through my clothes and possessions and letting go of tangible things that no longer suit me. I remove clothes that don’t fit or just don’t wear, or knick-knacks that I only kept because someone gave them to me, but they aren’t my style.

By taking the time to remove physical things I see or touch (two of our five senses) every day, I embed the “letting go” process throughout my spiritual and physical world. Weaving the two together is where our real magic and power resides.

We are born to this planet (body), we are connected to the universe (spirit), and we are able to learn and adapt (mind). Living in full balance between these things is the Holy Trinity and the basis for being on your authentic path.

Try using your senses to move something you’re trying to manifest into your everyday life. If you’re trying to stand in your power and not be a doormat any longer, consider where else this might manifest and how. In this example, you may look at being “too sweet” as a person and then consider your sense of taste and reducing artificial sweetness in your diet.

Let your magical and spiritual work sit in your body during your rituals. Ask to be shown or guided to a way to weave this intention into a tangible act on the physical plain.

Trust your intuition and use your senses. You were born with all you will ever need to be the most authentic, powerful, badass, magical creature!

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Sarah Akers

Sarah Akers is the founder of Rise Authentic Wild (RAW). She is dedicated to helping every person find and speak his or her truth. To help every soul live a life in full sovereignty, bliss and individual power! A practitioner of Earth and Nature based spirituality she uses connection to her intuition, ancestry, and all living things to navigate her path. She specialises in teaching practical ways to implement Magic and Alchemy into everyday life. She offers free, monthly, virtual New Moon Circles that can be attended from anywhere, as well as courses in healing trauma, Alchemy, Magic, and Sacred Ritual. Be real, be raw, answer the call, and let your Authentic Wild RISE!

    • I’m so glad! Please check out the blog and my instagram for lots on short videos on tips and tricks for practical magic!

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