I Am A Woman — F*cking Unruly, Surprising & Medicinal


I am a woman, she says.
The ancient sands themselves have written upon me
I am the mystery, she whispers.
I am the sorrow, the hope, the madness, and the joy.
I am the chaos, the complete and utter down-and-out despair.
I am the breakdown, the anger, the ache, the agony, and the sweet warmth of a kiss shared between young lovers.
Is too big
For the softness
Of my lap.
I am all of it, she says —
I am the dirt and the disaster and the prayers you thought were never heard.
I am the hot gusts of long-needed transformation.
I am all the darkness in the world.
The empty, lonely hollow bones that just want to just give up.
I am the profane, the irresistible, the seductive.
And I am all of the light, the magic, the celebration, the laughter, the innocence, and the purity.
I am
All of it.
I am the flame
And the extinguishing.
I am the sparkle and the sweat.
The grit and the glitter
Nothing is too big
For the softness of my lap.
For that is how much, how deeply, how broadly I love, she says.
I will love you when you are ravaged and writhing.
And I will love when you are rising,
When you are plump with content.
It is all the same to me.
Because I see you
I have seen you, always.
Because I am a woman, she says.
I am
The destroyer, the creator, the mother.
I am a woman, she says.
I am not this feeble creature.
I am the funeral of your pain.
I am the strength you’ll only ever find in the bleakest moments.
I am the love that pulls you through everything.
I am a woman.
I am fucking unruly and surprising.
I am quiet.
Is too big
For the softness
Of my lap.
No pain, no patriarchy, no sickness, no fear, no apathy, no disbelief
May it all rest on me,
For I will not hold it
It will dissolve
Through the fire of my frenzied breath
Like honey into holy water
And even the bitterness
Will be seen
And heard
And honored so gently that
Even the bitterness
Through the smoke of transmutation
I create
With the
Wild-tongued dance of my body.
Because I am a woman, she says.
I am alchemy.
I am what holds the world together.
I am powerful
Because I know who I am.
I am a woman, she says, howling now.
And no one
Can take that
From me
Because I remember
The truth
The mystic, cosmic budding truth
The raw, fleshy earth
Of what being a woman is
I swim in the depths
I bask in the light.
I wear dirt all over my body
And delight in it all.
For I am the stormy sky and the faintest streak of sun.
I am the tornado and the rainbow.
I am the wound and the healing
The shocked sting of betrayal and the first drops of forgiveness.
I am both, she says.
Lest you not cast me into any category
Ever again.
Because I am a woman, she says
I drip with magic
I shake with truth
That leaves my lips like a thick sap.
And I seep with venom, too
Because sometimes
The poison that was placed inside of us
Becomes not poison anymore
But power, beauty, love, and serenity
And I am woman, she says —
Nothing is too big
For the softness
Of my lap.
I am a woman, she says —
Do not turn away from me, for

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Sarah L. Harvey

Sarah L. Harvey resides in the mysterious mountains of Western North Carolina. She splits her time between pursuing a Master’s in Counseling, writing poetry, teaching, coaching women, belly dancing, and studying plant magic and mysticism. She believes in the beauty of a broken heart. She believes in the ruby blood of resilience. She believes in the power of our truth to transform our lives. She believes we all have access to the most potent version of our selves. We just have to step into the doorway. We just have to begin the journey, from exactly where we are now. For more of Sarah’s work or to schedule a coaching session, visit her website.

  1. love the poetry. Consider the Yang – Avalokitesvara and Guan Yin. Both are the compassion you write about. Stay well…

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