Return To Nature, Return To Our Allies Of Gaia


I stand there, I stand there staring, staring at a tree. It is a young tree full of color full of vibrancy — a willow tree. The leaves are not yet cascading as they are often depicted. In this tree, I see a face and I stare. There is an immediate connection between us. I feel the tears well up in my eyes. Before I know it, the tree is now tall and is a grandmother willow tree, the face is still there looking back at me. This gnome, this beautiful elemental creature that is there to hold the consciousness of this tree. It is there to ensure that the information and the knowledge and wisdom of this tree that it has gleaned over the years stays here.

As I stand and stare into the deep, vast openness of this gnome, I feel compelled to touch this tree. As my skin feels the hardness of the bark I feel a subtle electric spark. This grandmother tree begins to transmit energy to me and I to her. We exchange this energetic connection and I feel all the wiser for it. She whispers to me that it is not over. I ask ‘What, what is not over?’ She tells me it’s the unnatural fires. The fires that are to smoke out the magical people and us — the elementals. The land is being taken over, not to heal but to be used to create a false environment. ‘Stay vigilant,’ she says and one of her branches points upward.

I look up to the sky above this grandmother willow tree and I see an angel in the clouds. The cloud formation looks like the typical angel with wings and I bow recognizing the sylph that has decided to show itself to me. This sylph tells me that all is not lost. She tells me that we can save Gaia together. With every breath of the wind and ether, I feel these words through my entire body. ‘We must work together, you and I, we are not too different.’

There are elemental beings all around that want to assist the natural order of this world. They are guides, who hold a certain level of consciousness to assist us in our ever-evolving consciousness.

These of the elemental realm can be and can lead to plant life that will assist in nurturing, to assist with healing, in eating or consuming for the benefit of all. There is wisdom, so much wisdom about the nature spirits.

When you ground with the earth, melt with the earth, the energies of the elementals surge to you as well. Do not overlook the elemental beings — the gnomes, the faery, salamanders, the sylphs, the undies — for they are guides to us as well.

These beings have come to hold the space of the earth and have learned to master such a job. I have felt a call from those of this world. As there is much of unnatural fire and dangerous smoke being taken to these worlds during this time. The call of the elementals is telling me, us, to return to nature.

At this time of the year, in this hemisphere, the earth has returned to her slumber.

She is resting during this void to be able to generate new life. She must die in order to be reborn.

This is the time the elementals are reaching out to tell what has been experienced and what has been seen from the perspective of this realm. The unnatural fires that have taken many homes not only of humans but animals and elementals have started to shake out the elemental counterparts of the human realm.

If the attention of the human healers, mystics, priestesses, and sacred holy people is on how to rebuild and start their life over, then the attention is not on healing the current world consciousness or tending to the land.

If there are no animals or elementals to keep things in balance, the land goes unfruitful. This is what makes way for more homes and shopping malls and unnatural buildings that the humans who are not caring, have too much of anyway. If the land has been burned the healer that used to live there will have to move somewhere else.

Since the healer moved elsewhere, then the altar and magical tools used will not be around to activate earth grids. If there are no earth grids activated then the earth in that area starts to die and the cycle continues.

The elementals are absolutely invaluable in rebuilding and keeping of this realm. It is time for the earth grids to be restored. This cannot be if unnatural fires continue to move everyone out of the areas.

California has been chosen as one of the many magical lands in America. There is no coincidence that so many spiritual peoples come from and flock to this American mecca. It is being destroyed little by little to move the magic away. All along the west coast and into the southwest. The land of our national parks that has been regarded as holy by the indigenous peoples being bought up and removed in parts of Utah and other national park areas. The West and Southwest where lots of spiritual, magical peoples live is being shaken. The elementals are here to tell us to stay vigilant.

This is not over, I am told. This is not the end of it. The unnatural fires –- the salamanders –- are out of their control. It is almost like they are possessed and it causes them to burn without end. Their flames dance as they consume the trees they have loved so dear. An accelerant has been added, this is like a drug to them. The air -– sylphs — are being blamed for fueling this fire and keeping it going. They are only reacting to the accelerants and their natural patterns.

Before I continue I must state this, I am neither Democratic nor Republican. My political stance is with whoever does right by Gaia and her beings, all of her beings. Unfortunately, the current federal government administration seems to be against all of what I stand for.

The media will have you think the fires were started by something as simple as a cigarette butt which has happened in some cases, but not all. The attack on Gaia is a real issue. But what can we do? Seriously, what can we do?

Part of the answer is to activate as many grids that you can. Also, to call in the elementals to the areas that are safe for them…for now. The elementals may be attracted to things that shine or to many of the natural foods we consume, however, their job here is to hold space so that the culture of Nature and her natural rhythm goes untouched. I am speaking to the magical peoples and we must answer for now with a magical solution that will bring about real-world results.

Return to nature, return to our allies of Gaia. Return to the beings who are Her angels.

Communing with these allies, you will notice the practice and art of holding one up or holding space for the heavens and especially on Earth. As one cultivates a relationship with them, they will show themselves more and more to you and I. We, together, will be able to activate such energies that Gaia once held for us. Gaia is already a magical place, a spiritual place, and she wants to return to her original beauty to be able to hold a spiritual sanctuary for all beings.

This is the work we have cut out for us: to return Her to the beauty that she is now and once was. That we as spiritual beings may be able to walk between the veil as once was part of daily life. This is known throughout our universe and beyond, beings that would not have Gaia return to her true spiritual state work their own magic to ensure she stays put.

However, they do not have the final say.

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Our definition of Magic: the energy, soulful action, heart-led manifestation, sincere creation, illuminated prayer, and healing power, that does no harm, but serves, respects and honours the healing of the personal and collective good . . . #magic #theurbanhowl


Moon Stephens

Carmella Moon is an oracle priestess. She is also ever evolving, ever loving. She has been an intuitive, a seer as long as she can remember. She is also creative with writings, music and holds rituals for the Earth, Moon and the nature realm. She offers readings where she serves as the oracle and she offers reading of tarot as well. She is currently attending Seven Sisters Mystery School where she has been initiated into the Dove Oracle Priestess tradition - and pursuing Level 2 Dove Oracle Priestess certification. What is most important to her is the journey inward, to meet yourself. To find the love of All that Is in the parts of you that are not visible or yet known. Know thyself sister!

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