The #1 Lesson We’re Not Taught In School: To Choose What’s Right For You


Desire…want…yearn for…wish for…dream of…
Why do we dismiss it so easily? So quickly?
Why do we put what’s right before and above it?

The quickest way for us to create and live the life of our dreams isn’t through hard work, through doing the right thing.
The quickest way for us to create and live the life of our dreams isn’t to follow the five steps or four pillars or ten things that the gurus out there are spouting.
The quickest way for us to create and live the life of our dreams isn’t to find the right man, the right job, the right anything deemed right by our parents, society, or our friends and family.

The quickest, simplest, easiest, and dare I say it, most fun way of creating and living the life of our dreams is to follow our desires.

Our desire is the compass to us leading, living, and of course, loving the life we’ve always dreamed of.

What if everything we’ve learned is all backwards?

We’ve been taught to act in a certain way.
We’ve been taught to believe that certain things are the way to success, the way to happiness. That we need to sacrifice, work hard, do what needs to be done no matter how miserable we are in order to succeed.
We’ve been taught to choose the right job that will make us money and keep us safe. To choose the right man, go to the right school, show up the right way.
We’ve been taught that after we do all of this, at some point in our lives we’ll get everything we desire. After all these sacrifices, after all our hard work, after all of this then we can slow down, then we can do what lights us up, then we can travel the world, paint all day, stay up and write all night.

What if it’s all BS?

What if we begin with desire?

How different would that be?

What is it that you desire most?
What is it that you would do, be, have if you knew you couldn’t, wouldn’t fail?

What if you then said to yourself, “I’m choosing this”?
I choose to have a financially successful business where I get to inspire and empower people to create and live the life of their dreams.
I choose to travel internationally five times a year.
I choose to be healthy, wealthy, and wise.
I choose to be a successful artist whose work brings joy to the people.
I choose to receive money for being me.

And after we choose what we desire, what if we then believed that it was possible?
And why wouldn’t it be?
We put so much energy into doing the right thing, acting the right way, being the right mother/partner/friend/child. Why don’t we simply redirect that energy towards believing what we actually want is possible?
You’re creating all the time anyway.
Everything you have around you, you created it, either by choosing powerfully, choosing indirectly or even not choosing at all (which really is still a choice in itself).
So why not choose to believe?

And then what if we acted as if that were already true.

If you already had a million followers on Instagram that you inspired and empowered, what would you be doing?
Would you be sitting around miserable thinking that you’re never going to make a difference?
Or would you be showing up and sharing your message, your purpose, your mission, you?

If you already knew that you were an amazing healer who transformed people’s lives, would you be scared to share your service?

Or would you be telling the world that you’re available and that you would love to facilitate their healing and help them feel fabulous?

If you knew that your art touched, moved, and inspired people, would you be hiding it where no one gets to have that experience?
Or would you share it wherever you can, charge what you know it’s worth?

What if we’ve been doing it backwards all this time?

Forget A, B, C, D and try D, C, B, A for a while.

What have you got to lose?

The right life?

Don’t worry, it will still be there waiting for you, if you decide you want it back.

But for now, what is it you truly desire?

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