The One Thing The Wealthiest People In The World Have In Common


You are enough.

You are enough right now, in this moment.
You have done enough.
You have worked enough.
You have loved enough.

The only thing that’s stopping you from having, doing and being everything you want to be…is your belief that you’re not enough.
Your belief that there’s still something else you need.
Something you need to learn.
Something you need to do.
Somewhere you need to go.
Something you need to finish.
Someone you need to speak to.

But none of that is real.

What’s real is that you are enough.

Good enough.
Smart enough.
Young enough.
Old enough.

Whatever you think you’re not enough of, I tell you that you are.

When you look at the wealthiest people in the world, what is the one thing they all have in common?

Are they all white?
Are they all intelligent?
Are they all heirs/heiresses?
Are they all educated?
Are they all extroverted? Introverted?
Are they all men?
Are they all women?
Are they all highly attractive?
Are they all in the entertainment industry?
Are they all in I.T.?

You get the idea.
Apart from their wealth what is the one thing they have in common?

They believed it could happen.
They believed that they could do it.
They believed in themselves, their creation, their work.

And then they did the work.

Maybe they didn’t believe in themselves every single day, maybe they didn’t always believe that they were enough, maybe they, too, had insecurities and days of feeling like an imposter, but they got up and did the work anyway.

They were enough and you are enough.

So go create your dream life, change the world, do whatever it is that you truly desire, knowing that this moment is the perfect moment. That right now you are enough.

P.S. I was joking about what those wealthy people may or may not have experienced. They definitely didn’t believe in themselves every day, feel they were enough, had insecurities, and felt like imposters — which means if they felt that way and still did it, you can too.

P.P.S. You are enough!

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